The 4 Archangels you Need to Know Most to Receive Heavenly Assistance

Learn more about the 4 Archangels that you need to know most to receive heavenly assistance and protection.

The 4 Archangels you Need to Know Most to Receive Heavenly Assistance

The heavenly realm is full of God’s trustworthy helpers know as Archangels. This article will share with you the 4 Archangels You Need to Know most...

The sole function of Archangels is to assist humans on the earthly plane.

They are extensions of God’s Infinite Love. As extensions of God’s love they are ever ready, and equipped to help you and navigate through life with confidence.

Archangels have many divinely assigned specialties, such as healing, love, prosperity, and wisdom.

Although there are many Archangels who are available to help you when you ask, here are 4 Archangels that you need to know most when it comes to everyday living.


Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is probably the most know, and popular of all the Archangels. His name means “he who is like the Divine”.

Archangel Michael is the Protector Angel. He helps protect you everyday, and also helps to soothe your fears. Michael will help you to sever unwanted connections to your past. He will also help you disconnect from people who may harm you in some way. Regardless is it is a situation or person, Michael will help you safely remove these things from your life.

Archangel Michael will also provide you with the self-confidence or clarity you need in finding, and engaging in your life purpose.


Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the Archangel of Healing. His name means “The Divine Heals”. If you or a loved one is in physical pain, or are sick, Archangel Raphael is your go to for help.

Because he has the supreme power of healing the Soul, Raphael can also help you heal emotional hurts and wounds.

He does this primarily by helping you to release negative thought energy that weighs you down and by transforming negative thoughts and beliefs into more empowering ones.


Archangel Jophiel

As the Archangel of Beauty, Archangel Jophiel’s name means “The Beauty of the Divine”. She can help you clean up your physical space as well as to beautify any part of your life. Some call her the Feng Shui angel.

Like Raphael, Archangel Jophiel can help beautify your thoughts. She is often referred to as the Archangel of Positive Thinking for this very reason. She can help you clean up and beautify any thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.


Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is often known as the Archangel of Abundance. If you’re concerned with manifesting what you need in this world from the standpoint of abundance, prosperity, or your material needs, Archangel Ariel can assist you.

Archangel Ariel’s name means “The Lioness of the Divine”. She’s also the protector of nature, including animals and the environment. You can ask for her assistance to heal and to protect your pets.

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