Some babies stare up at something only they can see. Are they looking at angels?

Have you ever seen a baby looking into the air and smiling at something no one else could see? Babies can sometimes fix their eyes on something for a very long time and coo as though they are amused by what they see.

If you have ever seen your baby do this there is a big possibility that your baby is looking at and is being entertained by angels?


Everyone is born having angels with them.

All of us are born with assigned angels who help us with our passage from the spirit world to the earth realm.

Before being reborn, a soul is designated an earthly body, and the angels are there to help it be reborn safely on the earth plane. And, when a soul is finally reborn and acquires a new body, the angels stay with the new physical body and guard it.

When babies come into this world they are what we term "close to the grave". This means they were "in spirit" on the Other Side waiting to be reborn. And before being reborn, a soul is protected by angels and spirit guides in the Spirit World.

Babies can hardly ignore the presence of angels because most of the time, angels appear with wings. And, since they are beings of light, angels can appear in human form surrounded by a halo, or glow of light. Angels can appear in different heights and colors.


Why can babies see angels while most adults cannot?

Most people doubt that angels and spirits exist thinking they are just born out of our imagination. However, babies are still innocent and not influenced by society and its' attitude toward spirits and angels.

Young children have “imaginary friends” that they talk to and play with. Grownups tend to just shrug their shoulders and think their young children just have overactive imaginations, when in reality; it is most likely that these children are actually interacting with an angel.

So babies can see angels because they are still vibrationally open to them, and haven’t been conditioned to think what they see isn’t real – like adults have.


Does a baby who sees angels have a special psychic gift other babies don’t have?

The ability to see angels is a special gift because not all babies have the ability to see angels. As some babies grow to become adults, they retain this gift of being able to see and communicate with angels. As adults, they know in their hearts that what they are experiencing is real and cannot be swayed to think differently.

Thus, when you know your baby is seeing angels, do not discourage it. Welcome the gift and acknowledge their presence as well. And, if your young child claims to be seeing angels, then try to have an open mind and an open heart. Ask them what they are seeing and who they may be communicating with. Parents are often too quick to make judgment calls and doubt their child without giving them the benefit of the doubt. Just because some people cannot see or hear angels does not mean that others cannot, and that angels do not exist.


Do angels have a stronger connection with babies than adults?

The ability to see angels is a special gift because not all babies have the ability to see angels.

The answer is no. Some adults are quite sensitive to the presence of angels but it is more common in babies and young children since they do not have all the mental barriers adults develop. They have no preconceived prejudices making them more open to a connection.

Adults can often develop the ability to see angels but it usually takes considerable training and practice to continue to connect with them. This being said, the biggest barrier from making a connection with angels is fear and skepticism.

In order to tune in to angels, a person needs to be peaceful, non-judgmental, relaxed, and open to receive. Babies are usually naturally more receptive. But as adults, we lose these abilities sometimes, so this is one reason why adults have a harder time seeing angels than babies do.

How can you tell if your baby or child sees angels?


Do you think your baby is seeing angels? Here’s a list of the most common signs that a your baby is seeing angels

  • Your baby frequently stares off into empty space, blank walls, or windows.
  • He or she points at and talks about “something” that you cannot see.
  • Your baby shares their food and drink with a seemingly non-existent being.
  • Your baby mouths words at something in the air that you cannot see.

What should you do as a parent if you feel your baby is seeing angels?

Angels have always been here since time immemorial, and many of them they stay with us from the moment we are born, up until the time we grow into adulthood.

Our guardian angels guide us and protect us, and, if ever we stray from the right path, our angels give us signals that will inspire us to go back to the right direction.

Angels are very important in our lives. And, if your baby can see angels, what an exciting and wondrous gift it is!

If you believe that your baby is seeing angels, there are things you can do to support and help. Talk to your baby gently, and do not discourage him or her from using this gift. Remember; never discourage a child with a gift.

If they showed musical ability in being able to play the piano, most parents would buy them a piano. If they show artistic talent, they are given crayons and finger-paints, encouraged to draw to bring out their nature abilities.

So never deny a child's spiritual gift. You can encourage your baby to communicate with the guardian angels they may encounter, as they grow older, especially when they are dealing with troubling situations, or can use extra encouragement or guidance from their angels.

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It is a common belief that God blessed children with extra care from guardian angels.

And so, it becomes easy for children to cling to the idea of a guardian angel that watches over them. Adults can do two things to help children believe in guardian angels. First, they might suggest that a guardian angel is their children's best friend. But also and foremost, a guardian angel is not an imaginary friend but a real one, a real but unseen friend who is with them all the time and whose job it is to look out for them.

When night falls, when all around is dark, every child would like to have someone by their side to protect them and ward off any fear. And they have it! With his pure and unconditional love, it is their Guardian Angel who watches over every child in the world.

Believing in their Guardian Angel is essential for children. It helps them overcome their fears (in particular the fear of abandonment and loneliness), increases self-confidence, and their ability to succeed.

To believe in Guardian Angel helps children to overcome their fears and insecurities. It also helps them build the confidence to achieve whatever they want because they feel protected and supported.

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