Best Affirmations For Happiness

Use these powerful affirmations to instantly boost your mood and attract positivity into your daily life.

Best Affirmations For Happiness
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does not belong to my destiny:

happiness is my free choice.

I choose happiness.

Right here, right now.


My heart is an endless spring

of bliss and joy.

I go there to refresh, purify

and make myself happy.


I allow myself to be happy,

I allow myself to give

and receive Love,

I allow myself to Live.

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I let my pure light shine

through the mirror of my life

and everything as a reflection

of my Inner Light comes to me

in beauty and happiness.


My happiness is not an expectation

for a future that never comes.

Happiness is what I feel

at the present moment.


In my life journey,

I do not care about my destination.

I honor and bless every step I take,

every moment in which I share

my happiness for being on the way:

I Am Life.

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I seek happiness for others.

This is how I make myself happier.


I forgive myself,

I allow myself to be worthy

of love and happiness.

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I do not look for

vanishing drops of happiness.

I tap into the infinite source of happiness:



My dreams are

the key to happiness,

I never give up on my dreams


I live in Love and Light.

I spread joy and happiness.

I am the sunshine of my Life.


I stop seeking happiness.

I accept myself for who I am,

I accept my life for what it is

and happiness spontaneously comes.


I don't need to achieve anything

to feel happy:

endless happiness is my true nature.

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I allow myself to feel happy

without feeling guilty.


Nobody has the power

to make me feel unhappy,

unless I give them that power.

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