Prayer for Marriage

Dear Angel,

Please strengthen and protect my marriage. Help me be selfless in my marriage and unconditionally love my partner. Please, help me and my spouse build our marriage as a safe and peaceful haven from the storms of life. Instruct us to mold a loving, secure, faith-filled relationship. Protect our marriage from the injuries and consumption of time and grant us a growing kindness to one another. Guide us to create a solid, life-long marriage bond and always treat one another with respect and honesty. Please do not let anyone or anything steal our joy or kill our passion. Dear Angel please, pour heavenly love into my marriage so that my partner and I may support, uplift, and love each other as divine twin flames.


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Prayer for Marriage Restoration

Dear Angel,

Please help my marriage which is now in turmoil. Heal my spouse and me from the emotional wounds caused by our conflicts. Enable me to talk about how I feel without blaming my partner. Please, help us heal the harm caused by carelessness and the suffering caused by emotional detachment. Mend and soften our hearts. Change these feelings of separateness between the two of us into feelings of unity and sympathy. Infuse us with understanding and forgiveness so that we may forget all the harm we have caused each other and begin again to love each other and care for each other.


Prayer to Recover Lost Love

Dear Angel,

You know my heart, and you know how much it hurts me that I no longer have the one I truly love by my side. You know how much I still love and cherish them. I miss them every morning when I wake up, all day long, and every night when I go to bed. Please, help them find their way back to my arms. Help them again feel the love they once had for me and return to me and be again by my side. Guide us to rebuild a healthy, happy, and loving relationship. Infuse our hearts with love, kindness, joy, passion, and patience for one another. Please, rekindle the flame of our love and never let it fade away.


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Prayer for a Struggling Relationship

Dear Angel,

I ask for your help with my current relationship situation. Please, enhance and strengthen my romantic relationship. Let us overcome our struggles. Bless my partner and me so that we may never surrender to whatever challenge comes our way. Let our troubled relationship become peaceful. Take the pain and bitterness away from our hearts and fill them with loving-kindness. Please guide us so that we may find the strength to be gentle, the humbleness to forgive, the willingness to be understanding, and the openness to love and be loved in return.


Tough times
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Prayer to Move On After a Breakup

Dear Angel,

You know my heart. You know that my heart aches since my breakup. You know how difficult it has been lately. I'm sad, I'm disappointed, I feel alone. Every time I think of the happy times, it profoundly hurts. Please, guide me to break the pattern of dwelling on past wounds. Infuse me with a sense of acceptance. Help me let go and bless my ex-partner. Help me remember that what is happening is nothing but the result of our soul's contract's accomplishment. Please, heal my broken heart. Wash all these painful memories away. Help me turn the page to the next chapter of my life. Take my hand, guide me through each new day, and open me up to whatever wonders God has in store for me.


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