To help us solve all our problems, we have the most potent allies in the Universe on our side: the Angels.

God created the Angels to help and assist us all along our life journey. They are the most important gift God has given us.

Praying to the Angels is the best way to get in touch with them, expressing our desires, asking for help, protection, and any other action the Angels can take for our good.

Remember that every time you ask for help, and Angel fulfills their purpose.

The immediate help of Angels is available to you at any time and any place. Just pray to them.

Prayer for Urgent Help

Dear Angel,

Please help me. I desperately need your help right now. Please, infuse me with your strength because I feel overwhelmed. Cut the chains because I feel trapped. Encompass me in your blessing because I feel lost. Embrace me because I feel abandoned. Please, bring clarity to my confusion, consolation for my suffering, hope for my discouragement, and light into my darkness. Let me rest underneath your mighty wings of love and dwell within your blissful heart. Let me know that all is going to be okay. I need your help right now more than ever. Thank you for answering my prayer and for staying by my side when I need it most.


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Prayer for Financial Help

Dear Angel,

Please guide me to manifest an abundance of money in my life. Help me release every thought pattern related to scarcity and limitation that causes me to attract a reality based on a lack of goods and financial well-being. Guide me to remove any hindrance that may interfere with the divine flow of abundance. Make me open to receive the gift of financial wealth and riches. I ask you to remove my anxieties, fears, and worries about money and replace them with the awareness that prosperity is my natural state of being. Let me allow money to come into my life quickly, abundantly, and effortlessly so that I may experience an existence of blissful and unlimited prosperity.


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Prayer for Immediate Help with A Problem

Dear Angel,

I need your guidance to overcome a problem that is worrying me. Please, calm my troubled mind, allow me not to be preoccupied, and instead rely on your help. Take this challenging situation under your care and protection so that it may end positively. Remind me that you are always by my side, assisting me until the problem is solved. Please, guide me to embrace this problem as a meaningful lesson rather than an annoying and senseless inconvenience. To your guidance and love, I surrender my problem. I surrender it knowing that it will be completely solved in the most loving and easy way for myself and all concerned. I surrender my worries about this problem to you, knowing that peace will be restored within my mind and heart.


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Prayer for Help and Guidance

Dear Angel,

Please help me get away from the noise of the world. Allow me to be still so that I may give myself time and space to listen to you. Help me connect to your heavenly guidance and never miss a word of your precious promptings. Please, calm my emotions and mind so that I may discern the special guidance you offer me. Every time you whisper your gentle advice to me, please, help me recognize and trust your voice. Help me burn away my ego and false pride so that I may be open and willing to follow your divine guidance. Make stronger and clearer the intuitive thoughts I receive from you to profit from your blissful assistance and wise advice fully. Please assist me in understanding your heavenly guidance as I travel through life. Every day, please, guide me to move forward on my sacred journey of discovery and growth.


Prayer to Help You Make The Right Decision

Dear Angel,

I ask for your guidance in this decision. Please inspire me to do the right thing. Before taking this decision, guide me to evaluate its consequences, the positive and the undesired ones. Make my heart brave and grant me courage so that I may make the right choice in these circumstances, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it might be. Please help me be true to myself and not make a selfish decision for my comfort, the approval of others, or fear of their disapproval. Infuse me with the wisdom to make a reasonable choice. Please inspire me to do the right thing.


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The Angels are just waiting for you to invite them into your world, and the best way to ask and receive help from the Angels is through the power of Prayer. The Angels are listening!

The power of Prayer knows no limits, and there's nothing the Angels cannot do for you. Through the power of Prayer, you put your Angels at work, wonderful things begin to happen, and miracles become normality!

So say a prayer to the Angels right now and start living a miraculous life!

Dear Angel... Prayers for Healing Miracles, Protection, Guidance, and Financial Blessings

Through the power of these Prayers, you put your Angels at work, wonderful things begin to happen, and miracles become normality!


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