Ancient civilizations didn’t have internet, or iphones, or skyscrapers… but they sure did have immense amount of wisdom.

They had spirituality. They had religion.

Humanity today is technologically advanced, more knowledgeable, we can have any information we want with just a press of a button on a device we carry inside our pockets. However, we cannot say we are wise. Not as wise as the civilizations before us were.

They understood the other side of the coin, the things science cannot investigate. They had an honor about something greater than us, something in which we are all entangled.

They respected our part here and they knew the greater purpose.

Here are 10 divine commandments from the Great Spirits the Native Americans left for humanity.
If we all follow them we may still protect our place here.

Photo by Darcy Delia from Pexels

1. The Earth is our mother. Care for her!
2. Honor all your relations.
3. Open your heart and soul to The Great Spirits.
4. All life is sacred. Treat all beings with respect!
5. Take from The Earth all that is needed and nothing more.
6. Do what needs to be done for the good of all.
7. Give constant thanks to The Great Spirit for each day.
8. Speak the truth but only for the good in others.
9. Follow the rhythms of Nature.
10. Enjoy Life’s journey but leave no tracks.

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