Calling Upon The White Light For Protection And Guidance

White Light can cleanse your negative and dirty energy. Learn how.

Calling Upon The White Light For Protection And Guidance

White Light is usually referred to as the space within the universes which is a place for positive energy. This white light can help you; in fact, it can be called by anybody for help and assistance.

Important Knowledge

White light cannot be used to harm anybody in the world and it cannot be harmed in any way as well.

Calling upon the White Light

White light is present at all the places at all the times, so you need not make a prayer or shout out for it. All you have to do is to be receptive so that the White Light can give you the healing and uplifting energy.

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White Light Protection Prayer

I ask the Archangels and my Guides of 100% white light to surround me in a seamless bubble of Divine White Light so this bubble protects me throughout my day and only allows the  Energy that is for my soul’s highest and best good to come through. May everything that I say and do come from unconditional love. So be it, it is done. Thank you.

Cosmic laundromat

White Light can cleanse your negative and dirty energy. For getting your aura purified by the White Light, you simply have to request to clean the impurities that have emerged in your auric field.

White Light agents

Lightworkers, angels, ascended masters and saints.

Where does the White Light reside?

It is believed that the White Light is in the 5th, 6th or the 7th dimension. It is unclear but there is no real debate either. This is so because our earthly experiences cloud our perceptions during the search for the truth.

The important thing is that when you’ll call the light for help, it will always be available. It is just a matter of opening up the doors and welcoming the light.

Spiritual Realms/ States Of Consciousness

Third Dimension This is the plane where our physical state resides. It is not our true home but a place where our karmic balancing takes place.

Fourth Dimension This is the plane for astral travelers and the plane where our dreams are formed.

Drowning in Existence
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Fifth Dimensions This is the plane of discovery and extreme relaxation.

Sixth Dimension In the sixth dimension, the fake idea of being separate falls away and a new sense of oneness emerges. It is also the place where the Light being are most likely present and it is from here only that the ideology of I AM GOD emerges.

Seventh Dimension Some call it Heaven. Some call it The Awakening, whereas some call it Christ Consciousness. Call it whatever; it is a place of purest state of being. It is with the help of White Light that our path to the Seventh Dimension is opened for us to see and travel.

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