Choose The Mola That Appeals The Most To You And Discover It’s Wonderful Message For You!

Choose your favorite Mola and then discover the wonderful message it has for you.

Choose The Mola That Appeals The Most To You And Discover It’s Wonderful Message For You!

Molas are a traditional form of art where the Kuna indigenous people of Panama capture their vision of life and send a message to the world.

The mola, or molas, is a handmade material that forms part of the traditional outfit of the Guna people. The full costume traditionally includes a patterned wrapped skirt, a red and yellow headscarf, arm and leg beads, a gold nose ring and earrings in addition to the mola blouse.

In Dulegaya, the Guna’s native language, “mola” means “shirt” or “clothing”. The mola originated with the tradition of Guna women painting their bodies with geometric designs, using available natural colors; in later years these same designs were woven in cotton, and later still, sewn using cloth bought from the European settlers of Panamá.

Choose your favorite Mola and then discover the wonderful message it has for you.


1. Message of prosperity:

This message arrives today to your life to remind you that you are the force of your motivation, that your actions are your motivational force, just as your acts are your will and in the end, as is your will, it will be your destiny. So today, convince yourself that you are the architect of your life, stand up and with love and energy decree that you deserve every good thing in the world and in your life and work to achieve it.

It’s not necessary to achieve your purpose in a single day, the important thing is that you advance in the path of your dreams each and every day and never stop moving forward, even when the days get cloudy. This way you will see how each day what started as a project begins to become more real, and how your life will be much happier and prosperous. Hands to work, plant your seeds with love, because everything you sow, at some point you will reap.

2. Message of tranquility:

Your thoughts are very powerful because they are the raw material of everything that exists. But it’s not just about thoughts or ideas, but about making those ideas materialize. This Mola drawing arrives in your life today to invite you to take a short break, organize your ideas, refine your thoughts, put clarity in your mind and move towards the future, with happiness and calm of mind you can achieve each of your goals. It’s probable that because of your active and restless nature you have a very agitated mind, that in some cases you are a very impulsive person and that it costs you when making imports decisions.

Your message today is to remain calm and find clarity. Analyze each of your ideas, assign priorities among them, dedicate yourself to cultivate those that make you grow, help you to be happier and take you along the path of your dreams. Remember that your mind is like water, When it’s calm and at peace, it reflects the beauty in the world. When it’s hectic, it may have a paradise in front of it and it won’t reflect it.

3. Message of love:

This Mola drawing reaches your life today to tell you that there is no reason to punish yourself for the past. Everything you did, you did as well as you could. Release the past with love and thank it that has led you to all the knowledge you have now. Every event of your life (strange or incomprehensible as it may seem) is part of a larger plan. It is likely that on your way you will encounter difficulties and some doubts, but with love, dedication and work there will be no limits for you and for all the good things that are about to happen.

Today’s message is: LOVE, love many things, because in love lies the true and greatest force of the universe and who loves a lot can achieve everything, and what is done with love, is well done.

4. Invitation to flow:

This message arrives in your life today to tell you that although things don’t always turn out as one would like, they are always as they should be. Understanding this great truth will make your life much more fulfilling and happy.

Life is like a river, it flows along it’s path, so don’t try to go against the current, then, when you repress something, you create a problem. If you say no to the mind, it resists and reveals itself, so every time you see that there is a problem, the best way to eliminate it is to understand it, accept it and flow with it, not fight against it.

source zen-magazine