1. Meditate

Before resting your head on that inviting pillow, take a minute to meditate. It doesn’t have to be for long; simply taking five minutes to breathe deeply and let go of all the mental chatter from the day will help you tune into your angel’s energy.

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2. Affirm your intention

Remember, the angels can’t help you if they don’t know what you need from them, so clarify exactly what you’re seeking – whether it’s help with a particular problem, or a general insight into the future – beforehand.
Dreams usually carry hidden messages from our inner-selves about current situations in our lives, so affirm – either mentally or aloud – what you need guidance about, and ask them to help you remember it in the morning.

3. Place crystals under your pillow

Birds eye jasper is a brilliant stone to use when it comes to dreaming, and is thought to help you remember your night visions (particularly any relating to the future) more vividly. It’s also a very grounding and protective stone, and a very useful gem to use for psychic work too. Scolecite is another great crystal to use for this. Pop one under your pillow for instant angelic guidance.

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4. Express gratitude

Angels can also help you replace any overpowering negative thoughts while you’re awake with loving, healing ones as you dose.

To keep their loving energy around you all day, take a few moments to thank them for their guidance in the morning, and let them melt your worries away.

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