Use this secret ‘weapon’ to empower your prayer

The positive outcome of your prayers to the Angels will increase dramatically when you start to use this secret ‘weapon’, the power of colors.

Learning how to use the power of colors in your prayers will allow you to achieve your goals without effort and be successful.

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

The Angels are beings of light and, as you certainly know, light fractionates into 7 colors. The order of colors in light is called the visible spectrum of light. It runs from violet to red. The same ‘law’ applies to Angels. The metaphysical system of the Angels’ colors is based on seven different light rays made of seven different colors. Every color brings a specific kind of vibration and energy (protection, healing, wisdom, …).

Angels respond to the chro­­ma­tic vibration that springs from the energy of a single color. Every Angel, in fact, can help you in a specific way and only serves a specific colored ray.

Because of this, it becomes extre­mely helpful to visualize the colors when you’re asking for help from your Angels. When you pray, visualize the color which carries the essen­tial quality of the Angels you would like to at­tract.

The vibrational essence of your chosen color brings you immediately in alignment with the angelic help you seek.

Visualize the color that 'attracts' the Angel help you need right now

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

Here are the colors and their energies:

VIOLET Energy of spiritual wisdom

BLUE Energy of protection

GREEN Energy of healing and prosperity

PINK Energy of love and peace

YELLOW Energy of wisdom for decisions

ORANGE Energy of well being and optimism

RED Energy of strength and power

For example, if you’re feeling sick… Read your pra­yer and, in the meantime, visualize a green light and Angels all around you pouring Divine love into your presence. For example, if you’re worried about a family member, imagine them wrap­ped in a orange light, in a happy, positive state with Angels all around them helping to create blessings in their lives.

In order to help your concentration on one specific color, you can also surround yourself with objects (clo­thing, accessories, foods, crys­tals,...) of similar co­lour with the type of an­ge­lic assistance you would like to receive.

For example. You don’t know what to do. You have received a job offer and you don’t know whe­ther to accept it or keep the old job. While you pray to receive clarity you can wear a yellow scarf and wea­­ring it for the rest of the day will help you stay fo­cused on your request.

There is also another effective way to connect with the specific angelic energy of which you are in need: lighting a colored candle.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

When you use a colored can­dle to pray to your Angels you im­mediately relate to the Angels in charge of your request. Lightening a candle for a particular pur­pose or intention is practi­ced worldwide.

Lighting a candle symbolizes bringing the light of faith to our wishes or desires. Amen.

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