Does Forgiveness Mean Reconciliation? Can You Forgive Without Being Reconciled?

Does forgiveness mean reconciliation? And what is the deep meaning of forgiveness?

Does Forgiveness Mean Reconciliation? Can You Forgive Without Being Reconciled?
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Forgiveness  can't be related to the expectation that those who have hurt us will recognize their actions and make amends.

Forgiveness is an intimate act that does not imply having a physical interaction with the “offender”; the communication can simply occur at soul level.

Forgiveness can either concern someone who has passed away, or someone that is no longer present in our lives. To forgive does not necessarily mean that we must restore a relationship that has been broken.

Reconciliation is a free choice and not necessarily the outcome of forgiveness.
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The deep meaning of forgiveness, a different perspective

To forgive others is really important. Forgiveness brings the forgiver peace of mind. But, in the perspective of the Oneness to forgive others means forgiving ourselves, because in their roles as our mirrors, they have been nothing other than a tool for our lack of self-love, a lack of self-recognition, and a lack of self-respect.

Only through forgiving can we understand that there is nothing and no one to forgive. And that we too, if we have hurt someone, have been for them, nothing more than an instrument of love in the same way they have been for us.

In the Oneness, there is no separation, no judgment, and everything happens in divine perfection.

Self-forgiveness allows us to give and receive love. Without self-forgiveness, there is always some fault to expiate that interrupts the free flow of love, which is giving and also receiving. We deny ourselves from receiving love, attention, respect, and, in addition, we also deny ourselves all those blessings (health, joy, abundance, …) that life is always ready to give with open hands to all those who are open to receive them.

If for every action (someone hurts us either with their words or their actions) there is an equal and opposite reaction (our suffering), forgiveness is the factor that by canceling out the action cancels out also the reaction. This happens not because we activate a forced mechanism of suppression.

It happens because we let go of, with love, everything that has caused us to suffer.

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