Home is where the heart is, and each one of us would always prefer to live in a house that perfectly matched our personalities.

So, what is your idea of a dream house? Is it a cottage, a castle, a jungle retreat?

Pick the one that you feel suits you most and see if the personality traits match up!


1. House In The Countryside

A picture like this attracts romantic and calm people. Such people find it’s hard to make new friends. They prefer the quality of a friendship over quantity of friends. Happiness and wealth of their families and closest friends are in priority.

These people love to spend evenings in a quiet company of dearest people. Sometimes, it’s better for such people to spend some time alone to be able to think everything through.

2. Castle

These people respect stability above all. Every day is scheduled. So, when something happens that wasn’t planned these people can get confused but not for too long.

They are successful employees who are respected by co-workers. But when you get to know them better, you’ll find cynical humans. Moreover, they’re proud of that.

3. House on Wheels

People who have chosen this picture love to travel. Not only in real life but in their dreams. They imagine themselves their perfect life without any concerns or problems. The life where love and mutual respect rule the world.

These people are often said to be not serious in their actions or behavior. Despite all, they remain good and a bit naive. A cozy evening near a fireplace with closest people isn’t how they usually spend time.

4. Hi-Tech House

Your choice says you’re one of those people who are strict and tough. These people keep up with trends in clothes, gadgets, accessories.

They don’t buy unnecessary stuff to make the house cozier. Instead, they surround themselves with only useful things.

5. “Dancing” House

Only talented, creative, and extraordinary people would choose this house.
Each and every crazy idea they make true.

These people have many friends and try to keep in touch with them all.

6. Luxury villa

People who are positive and full of energy would pick this dwelling. They are gregarious. They are used to go after what they want no matter what.

Unfortunately, they prefer financial benefits to sincere friendship.

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