We all have a deep-rooted interest in our dreams and the things that happen in them.

We all try to give meaning to our dreams, especially when they come under the guise of specific symbols (objects, animals, a specific place, …) Dreams work at a subconscious level, so the signs that we ‘see’ in our dreams point to specific aspects of our real life that need to be observed. Our dreams are warnings signs of things to come or things that we are going through.

When is a dream a fear and when is it a prophecy?

Do you pay attention to dream symbols?
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Generally speaking, dream content is very symbolic and thus difficult to interpret. However, when we begin to open up spiritually, the dream content becomes much more literal, with dream scenes identical to forthcoming events.
There are both ‘fear’ dreams and prophetic dreams.

There is a theory that most of us do not open ourselves up to dreaming about the future because the truth is that we do not want to know about it.

We fear the future, or at least what might happen
We choose to prefer in a state of uncertainty, keeping us within our ‘comfort zone’ rather than trying to understand the meaning of a dream. However, whether we like it or not, dreams bring signs that we should be aware of.

So let’s have a look at some of the most common dream symbols you should never ignore:


Nudity (being naked)

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When we dream of being naked it often means we have a fear of being exposed. When we dream of others being naked it could mean something along the lines of ‘the naked truth’ of a situation or even be a look into an affair. Nakedness is all about accepting our imperfections and accepting us for who we are without judgment.

When we are naked in our dreams we have to ask ourselves: “What I am afraid of? Am I afraid or not of exposing myself, of expressing my feelings, or manifesting my fears?”

Ask yourself what you are most afraid of showing and it will give you the answer as to which one of these fears you are dealing with.

2. Adultery

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This signifies sexual desires and urges that need to be expressed but are being locked away. This is a type of dream that is linked with self-worth issues and abandonment fears. When you dream of something like this you need to ask yourself if you are okay with your current relationship and if you are ready to go from there in deciding what this means for you and if you have to start all over again.

3. Fire

Fire on the Horizon
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Dreaming of fire is the kind of dream that can have two different levels of interpretation. How you interact with the fire determines that for example, if you play with it you are being warned of risky business and potentially dangerous situations.

On the other hand, if you are starting the fire it means that you are likely repressing anger.

Take time to think about what was happening and how it reflects on your real life.

4. Flying

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If you dream of flying it means that you are lacking something in your life. Flying means for example that you have to recharge your mind and hopefully get you working on something that makes you happy.

Ask yourself: “What am I doing with my life right now? and how can I achieve my goals and make my dreams come true?”

5. Waterfalls

Niagara Falls on sunrise
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Waterfalls are a continuous flow of water, finding its way through every crevice. If you dream of waterfalls, it means that you have to cleanse your mind and make room for something new. You are working on a new beginning and letting go of the old.

Think of how big the waterfall is when looking into how big of a change you are going to be going through.

6. Teeth

“Be able to love, heal and accept yourself, so you can then offer these gifts to others”
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A dream of pulling teeth symbolizes something that needs to come out. Rotten teeth relate to holding onto anxiety or fear. Dreaming of teeth falling is generally linked with an overthinking mind and stress. Ask yourself: "Am I worried about a new job, relationship issues, financial issues, or other things along those lines?"

7. Death

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Dream of death is way more common than we like to admit. But it’s not as negative as we might think. Rather, a dream of death means the end of something and the birth of another. This could mean a big-time emotion change at all levels and in many aspects of your life.

8. Pregnancy

In love
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Dreaming of pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to be pregnant. Dream of pregnancy is more related to the chance that you are going to experience major inner growth and spiritual development. This means that if you work hard something awesome is well on its way to manifest. Ask yourself: “What am I trying to create? What can I do to make it real?”

9. Money

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Same as for dreams of fire, the meaning of a dream about money depends on what is happening with money. Are we gaining or losing money? If you dream of winning the lottery or of receiving an inheritance you may be going through a profound lifestyle change soon. On the other hand, if you dream of giving money away there could be a threat of a great financial loss lingering around.

10. Houses

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A house symbolizes comfort and protection.
Depending on the house (and on the room, if you dream of a specific room), each room could dig into your mind on a deeper level. Dreaming of an attic means you have hidden memories, dreaming of a kitchen might bring you back childhood memories, where your grandmother used to cook sweets and nice meals.

11. Falling

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It’s a dream we would like not of having. If you have ever experienced a falling dream you know how terrifying it is. It seems as if everything is going to end in the blink of an eye. This dream is a powerful symbol telling you that something in your life is spiraling out of control. Ask yourself: “What is out of my control?”

12. Being Chased

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This often means you are being threatened by something or someone in your life even you are not yet fully aware of it. Try to change something during your daily routines, do something unexpected and start thinking out of the box.

Something has to be done to find the issue and solve it once and for all.

13. Snakes

The pretty Darwin colour form of the carpet python Morelia spiloata.
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Dreaming of snakes has different meanings depending on what kind of situation you are in your dream, if it’s a snake under the blanket, or a snake in the woods, or in a desert and also what the snake is doing, if it’s one or many,… Now, if you are unsure of what kind of snake it was but you were bitten in your dream it means that hidden fears and worries are threatening your overall wealth.

The snake could also be seen as a symbol of temptation in some cases.

Knowing the dream symbols is crucial for our future because the information we receive through our dreams is for our best to know.

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