Emotional Healing: How to Cure Any Stress and Disease Using Emotional Healing

We all experience stress and painful emotions during our lifetime. And our body pays the price. Emotional Healing helps us heal our mind and body.

Emotional Healing: How to Cure Any Stress and Disease Using Emotional Healing
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Emotional issues are a major cause of suffering. To heal from our emotional scars, we need to take a few steps into what is commonly known as Emotional Healing. Emotional Healing is the process of acknowledging, allowing, accepting, and processing painful life experiences and strong emotions.

We all need emotional healing during our lives because we all experience challenges and complex emotions that need to be observed, recognized, and healed.

Here are some life stressors after which people may seek emotional healing:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Breakups
  • Job loss
  • Abuse (including emotional, physical, and sexual)
  • Illness

Many people tend to want to control the process of emotional healing by minimizing pain and controlling their emotions, but this can inhibit the emotional healing process.

The first line of defense must be emotional clearing when facing illness or disease.

In the third-dimensional plane, the disease begins when we do not deal with our emotional issues. The inability to deal with the issues causes the soul to withdraw from the body.

Sometimes the soul withdrawal can be slow, through the process of a debilitating disease, and at other times the condition can be swift.

The difference between the disease being slow or swift relies upon whether the physical cells are in prime condition and the immune system is in homeostasis. You will see rapid disease growth if the body lacks the correct energies and the cellular energies are deficient. On the other hand, in the case of a being who is physically fit and whose bodily powers are high, the disease will take a long time to take hold, thereby giving the being the optimum time to release the emotions causing the disease.

When the disease is first detected, it is essential to realize that this is the soul’s way of trying to purify itself. It alerts the being to emotions, and mental and behavioral patterns, that are not vibrating in love, light, and truth.

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Learning to master emotions and belief systems is often not seriously considered when trying to treat diseases. As all humans try to avoid pain and seek pleasure, little thought or gravity is given to the need to look at diet, exercise, and a healthy emotional body.

Suppose disease is to be eradicated within the human species. In that case, the focus of treatment must begin first and foremost with the mental and emotional state of the patient being fully diagnosed. Issues of abandonment, lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, emotional abuse, fear, and anger, all of these to name just a few, must be looked at closely for the healing process to begin.

The consciousness is vast and complicated energy to understand, but unless you can learn to seek out the emotional source of your diseases, they cannot be treated holistically.

The same or similar disease will occur elsewhere if the patient is still in denial.

Often, we speak of balance from the spiritual realm, so it is important to try to see everything as energy. The energy of a situation and the energies of a person; then tune into what emotions you attach to a specific problem or person.

For example, if you, when meeting someone, take an immediate dislike, the emotion you attached at that time to that person will be tough to shift because the feeling you had with that person created a cellular memory.

It will take enormous effort to see the person in a different light. It is not necessarily the person’s behavior or beliefs that you took an instant dislike to; it may be their energies touched upon a hidden fear deep within the subconscious mind.

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Fear is an emotion that needs to be explored in greater depth on the human level.

It is possible to have a fear of something, even though you have never experienced it; for example, a fear of flying or swimming.

When facing stress, illness, or disease, the first line of defense must be emotional clearing, diet, and regular exercise.

Meditation offers you an opportunity to clear your emotional and mental stress. Done regularly, it will help you explore who you are, and at the same time, it will aid your body and mind in the cleansing process.

If you cast your mind back to how many years you have lived, there are locked inside your emotional and mental bodies memories, beliefs, and fears created a long time ago that you can’t even remember. This doesn’t mean they still aren’t functioning on a deep subconscious level.

Many of your belief systems are programmed, absorbed by those around you, and all of these contribute to your ability to fight disease. As an example, if you look at people who are ill a lot, they generally tend to be surrounded by others who are harmful and focus on suffering. They will talk about their illnesses. They will generally moan about everything lacking or wrong with life, others, or themselves. However, if the person suffering from the disease is alone, this is often a way of seeking recognition and acknowledgment.

Many people find it hard to accept that their emotions are the cause of disease, but by looking closely at the anatomy of the illness and why the body is going through the purification process, it is possible to eliminate the disease. It is only the fear of the unknown, or the fear of how painful the change may be that causes many to turn away and not deal with issues from the past.

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If you are experiencing disease at this time, then if nothing else, begin a meditation routine at least once a day. If possible, twice a day would be better. Earlier in the morning, to keep your emotional energies high. Once in the evening, for relaxing and clearing away the clutter of energies, you have absorbed during your day.

Upon reading this guidance, many of you say you don’t have time, but we want you to seriously consider what it will cost you long term if you don’t. Your life, loss of your career, pain, suffering for your family, financial difficulties, mobility, and dignity, to name just a few. It isn’t rocket science; it purely understands that your conscious energy, your thoughts combined with your emotions, create your environment, not only on a superficial level but also on a cellular level.

If you cannot relax your mind or stay focused during meditation, this is already an indicator that your energies are imbalanced. If you fall asleep during meditation, this is alright, for you have wholly allowed your emotional and physical bodies to relax and release themselves in an unconscious state. Give yourself the gift of health.

Taking care of your emotional and mental health is crucial if you wish to eradicate the disease.

Please note: Emotional healing is a complementary modality that shouldn't exclude any ‘conventional’ medicine you may be taking.