This technique on How To Cut Energetic Cords (Etheric Cords) With Archangel Michael can be used for cutting negative cords and ties with a friend, a negative person, a former romantic partner or anyone you feel you need to take your energy back from.

When you enter a relationship with someone, your energetic systems become connected and create energetic cords. The cords become strengthened when strong emotional, traumatic or painful events occur between the parties.


Energetic cords are also created through sex, through marriage vows, soul contracts, promises or oaths (spoken and unspoken). Your soul behaves as if these vows, contracts, promises and oaths are still valid.

For example, you get divorced and find it hard to find your next soul mate. You can check in with your higher self to see if you are unconsciously still honoring those vows, contracts, promises or oaths. If you find you are still honoring those vows, you need to cut energetic cords with that person.

Everyone has the ability to cut energetic cords themselves.

Here’s the technique on cutting cords with Archangel Michael


1. Think of the person whom you want to take your energy back from and cut cords with.

2. Close eyes and take 5 deep breaths into your stomach.

3. Call in Archangel Michael now and say

“Archangel Michael, please come to me right now. Bring back the part of myself that has merged with (name the person’s name). Bring back my energy. With your sword of light, please cut the cords between (say person’s name) and I."

"Please remove from my energy and field anything that is not mine, not serving me, that is of (name of person) or that (name of person) has brought in with him/her, and completely remove that energy field out of my body, from my body, from my house, from my property, from my animals, from my kids, from my car, from my workplace and anywhere else it currently resides."

"Fill my entire being with the Creator’s Love and Light, especially where the cords were cut.”

4. As Archangel Michael gets rid of that energy that is not yours, he sends it back to the person you named with absolute core love.

5. Give thanks and send out blessings to those involved, including yourself.

See what shows up in your life about 15 days after you cut the energetic cords with a particular person. You can do this technique as often as you like and with as many people as you like.

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