Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mermaids

Mermaids, facts and legend. Everything you always wanted to know about mermaids.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mermaids

Mermaids were altered by the Angels, from the beings growing from fish. With half a human form and half a fish tail, they were left this way, to see how this beautiful form would fair in the oceans and seas. Earth is not the only place that has this type of mermaid form either.

But for now, on earth, they were magnificent, and lovely, and so alluring, the angels left them to guard the coastlines, lakes, ponds and streams. Ladies of the lakes.


They loved their abilities to swim anywhere, breath in air and under water. They were magical, spell binding, and enchanting. They loved being with the angels, but when the angels took their place back in the higher vibrating realms, they had no one.

Soon, beings from the stars came too. Not only had the angels helped life speed up in growth, some, not all of life.. the star beings were now here to help build harmonious peaceful utopias for them. The mermaids yearning for higher vibrations, sought them out, and found them in the few Utopias built. Atlantis and Lemuria. In Lemuria, an earthquake that brought with it a great Tsunami, (Flood Days) was created by the sons of the Creator who did not like the fact that life had been altered. He felt that life should have its time in growing naturally. In other place sin the world, the “humans” were now getting corrupt. This world was a great place then.

So, anyone effected by the Tsunami, moved on. Those who were from the stars tried again, this time in Atlantis.

They needed a place with a higher vibration on earth, close to the portal so if the :gods” did this again, they could leave… And they did do it again. But not the same God’s, the fallen angelic beings who were now corrupt wanted exclusive power, and they had wanted it for some time.


Just like there are many species of Angels, there are many species of Mermaids, and Fairies too! Mermaids are wonderful beings. I am actually doing this for my few mermaid souls, who are with me. They have been faithful, loyal followers. I truly love them, and admire their devotion in the things they pursue. and also the devotion they have for me too, I am humbled and grateful..

It really shows how loyal they are to their passions. Want to learn more about how Mermaids come to be born as humans?

In Ireland, where my family comes from, our family comes from the Tuatha De Danaan. This is a family of Demi Gods, who took rule over the land. Back when the first of them, the nephilim, decided to migrate out that way, to take their residence, away from Israel. This was after Israel decided to dismiss the other deities who were given rule over the Earth. The Creator had given the earth to the angels to keep, and care for. As mentioned in my other blog, some did not like being servers to man. They were not really servants, but they did answer to their will, and requests through prayer. After the angels tried to evolve life on earth, man started getting corrupt, and the rebellious angels used this to their advantage. The flood came, as the creator’s son, was really upset and hurt over the disobedience of man and the rebel angels. So, he tried to begin again. However, there was of course, still survivors.

Some of them were humans bred by women and angels themselves. Called the Nephilim.

Some still loyal to the Creator, and the angels given rule over the earth originally. Some of them joined the rebellious angels, some of who, were their own parents too. The remaining survivors, set up new kingdoms, First in Sumer, branching out into Babylon, Canaan, and Egypt. The empire of the rebel angels, was wide spread, as were their teachings, earthly and spiritual.


There was a power struggle though. The Creator sent in, yet another son to fix things and reclaim the world. But, the fallen angels had mixed truth up with deception so much, that it became confused so greatly. The angels were worshiped under many names, in every culture. Man, still calling to them, serving. But, one set of people, who had long been enslaved by Sumer, then Babylon, and into Egypt, wanted their own nation, and to be free. Calling out, they reached the ears of one son, He heard them. They decided to worship only one of the great sons, of the Creator. He told them he would help them if they made him the main power of the Earth. And so they did, with him assisting them all along the way.

Those still loyal to the good angels, they did not agree, as they knew through their fathers who he was, and so they left, migrating into Ireland.

They took with them freedom, from the teachings of their angelic parents, and lived by the teachings of their leaders, angels who had new names in the new language. They called them, the children of Danu.

Or, the Tuatha De Danaan. In all of the glory they had as a people, the called their earthly Kings appointed by the Children of Danu, “Bright Ruler”, or in Gaelic, O’Flaithbheartaigh. This name is now today, Flaherty.

My mother is a Flaherty. Being of the lineage I have. a nephilim on mom’s side, and a Priest Bloodline AB Negative, on my Dad’s. I always have been extremely psychic. Everyone on Mom’s side is an intuitive, but her sister, my Aunt, is a medium. My grandmother on dad’s side is a lightworker and spell caster. My Dad, is a Clairvoyant intuitive. healer. in my own nature, being of both worlds, I have all abilities. This is why I chose the body and families, that I chose to incarnate into.

To have the roots, and bloodline to fit my soul, and mission. This is why I know so much, Being awakened, and my roots. I started channeling the Creator and angels at the age of 3. But imagine, having Christian relatives, and not only talking to God, but also speaking to fairies, mermaids, and other mystical beings… They looked down on it, trying to fight their own abilities and lineage, as Christianity said, “It was evil”. The lies of old, to suppress people like me.

Back to the ruling angels and their offspring, (both good and rebellious) some call them Anunnaki, some call my mother’s family fallen ones. that is a misconception. never have I known any people to love the Creator more, but they also respect the authorities that the Creator gave over the earth, in the angels ruling.. Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael, still known, just under other names in the Irish language.. My father’s side was always called “priests”, having vickers (ministers) on his side of the family forever. In his father, he has gypsy. What a psychic mess LOL. I know! I lived it. But I did not care, as long as the creator said it was okay, I cared not for the opinion of man. I spoke to my kin, the angels, but to beings in other spiritual realms too. Mermaids being a specific soul type out there who communicated. In their beauty, I channeled with honor and humbleness.

I heard them sing, I heard them weep. Both sounds, musical, and beautiful. having memory of who I was, where I came from, and my divine blueprint, helped me to see the blueprints of others..I noticed in other people when they had a soul inside of them, that was not earthly. Scanning them, I saw their creation codes. It amazed me. Especially when it came to Mermaids. I saw many of them too. But only till my clients came, that I got to really know this soul type in a human body personally.. What a delight and a breath of fresh air. I tell you, never did I feel competition come from them, or jealousy. I never felt ugliness, or fakeness.

They were always genuine, and loving. Those I knew in spirit, were of all different types of personalities and species.

There are many types of mermaids. One of them, is called the Merry Sidhe. These mermaids, are spirits, who are trickster souls. They are happy, joyful, and alluring, but very dangerous. their sad physical life when mermaids roamed the earth, They are angry, naturally for the awful things done to them. This group lived directly in the Mediterranean Sea on the off skirts of Italy before it was over inhabited. They have long tails, now darkened by their anger.. Their bodies having dark tan skin.

Another type of mermaid is called, the Kif- Ni,

The kif-ni were mermaids who swam the ocean near Africa. they are very nature based, and have tribal tendencies, in their habitats, at the time. Often friends with human locals, until they started using them for their magical ability to grant one wish. In the Assyrian area, Mermaids did not exist at first, until a Goddess made her self into one, and then her hand maidens too. Astargits, She had been so angry for her jealous rage against her lover, that she banned herself to a life lost at sea. but that did not turn out as a punishment like she thought, as she quite enjoyed it, she and her female entourage. The Kif-ni, and Astargatis’ crew, are similar, having long tails, with small fins, in green. They had darker skin, almost African in it’s hue.


The mermaids in Atlantis and Lemuria days, had a wonderful different appearance, some coming from the stars, with colorful hair, fins, and skin, They are just merely called the Starry-Mer. The offspring the Starry-Mer, and the earth originating Mermaids, came to breed and made mermaids who had colorful hair, lighter skin, and beautiful fins of all colors. their had four fins. Some lived in Babylon much later, branching out into areas such as, Greece, and even Turkey. Lemuria was in fact in those areas anyhow, which is the first real civilization that mermaids lived, in the beginning. Thank God they could swim in the days of the flood. But how sad to lose their human lovers in the flood right?

In the beginning they were not even called Mermaids or Mermen..

In the beginning they went by the name of their race as “Sirens”.

Mer, did not come until later in Greece, where the meaning of Mer was “to join, or containing two parts”. Then they added maid, or man. However, to go a bit further, the word maid or maiden used to be Kori, So the word for this being is appropriately, Merkori. And this is what they were called in Scandinavia as well.

These were different, as the changes in breeding of the different types spread, some of them had transformed so much. the Scandinavian mermaids, or Merkuri, were more adapt to the cold waters, and they had on one long tail, no fin. Light skinned, and their tails either blue or green.

Merkori, Mercury? Connection? Ah ha!

The ruler of Mercury is Hermes… Hermes is one of the gods of messengers, Messengers are who? Angels! Angels made this species…

So, in the languages they built for mankind, they made it all work some how.. Especially, to the Greeks, and the Norse, and Irish, who still worshiped the angels. Their deities are angels. Angels are actually principalities and dominions. And those are Kings, princes, and rulers. To humans, they would be Gods, as they have magical powers. yes indeed, all things connect! Back to the mermaid types, those who bred, and spread far and wide and with the different natural native species,mermaid appearances took on different looks and evolved, into many looks, with many names.

The Merrow had shorter tails, but with two long transparent flowing fins, fair skin and either red, blonde, or light golden brown hair. They lived in the Irish Sea. These were the traditional sighting descriptions in their fairy tales, as this is what sea faring people in those times, saw and encountered. They also had fins that covered their eyes, and ears, as well as one on the top of the head, appearing more sea monster like, in their species. They also had gills for air and water breathing located near the ears, while most of the others had inner gills.

Closer to the coast of England, before they took on the name of Mermaid officially, the British Isles called them Selkies. These were mermaids who had shorter tails, and the two smaller, thicker fins. They had all hair colors, and their fins were brown, blue, or green.

These mermaids were found as a rare bunch who were spread out in a few locations. They appeared to have a stingray appearance, and were native looking to places they dwelt such as South America, Puerto Rice, and even to Australia, south of the equator.


The Merria-Eel, are mermaids who have only one tail but a few fins on the sides, and on top, like an eel.. The used to dwell in the areas of the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean..

Hina were mermaids who lived near the Islands of Hawaii. beautiful and close to the natives on the shore, the Hawaiian Mermaids were always present in ceremonies, and to mate with human men when they had one day to have legs, in a spell cast by their ruling deity. All mermaids came to learn of this of course, and started using this gift as well. Some with greater power, stayed on land with legs for a long time. very Asian in appearance, with green fins, that were medium in length, and two fins, also medium in proportion.

Mermaids of the Indian Sea, were gifts, as they were very revered as being descendants of the Goddess Suvannamacha, They had one fin, very, very long, and a flowing tail, as they were given gifts by humans who worshiped them, they wore lots of beautiful headdresses and jewelry. They had olive, or tan skin, and dark, silky long, black hair.

Mermaids in their attempts to disappear and hide from the ever rising cruelty of the human race, stated swimming through the canals to middle earth. It was here that the UV rays of the earth’s center, made them whitened. They became white haired, fair skinned with a slight blue or purple tone, and white fins, that shone blue, green, pink and lavender, in the light. Long slender torsos, and fins, which had two or four long tails, translucent in appearance, made their final home there, before the Creator gave them an entire realm of their own in a realm above 3D. These were very elvish like, and kind.

All of the mermaid species are kind, helpful, magical, and intuitive.

The Merry Sidhe have some anger issues yes, but most of the mermaids are sweet, unless threatened, and then it is dangerous as they will fight in their emotional passions, to be safe. They are so hidden from this world today, except in those who incarnated into human life, or the few sightings still seen. They have high emotions, and a beauty to them, that is magnetic. I have been blessed in knowing all of the spirits of the earth’s spiritual planes, and others, in far off star systems. In my roots of knowledge, I always found that it brought me to be able to give all of you even more of that knowledge to share.

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