6 Fabulous Ways To Connect With The Angels

Your angels are only a wing and prayer away so choose to connect to these loving beings and take your life to the next level.

6 Fabulous Ways To Connect With The Angels

The angels work with the principles of free will, therefore we should always ask for their loving assistance. This could be a verbal or written request, perhaps a prayer or affirmation. The statement could even be said out loud or even in your mind and always remember to thank them. There are plenty of unemployed angels looking to take on specific roles, so ask away.

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Step into nature

Stepping into nature is one of the most profound ways to make that loving connection. Being in nature quietens the busy mind and allows us to become more present and connect to Mother Earth. Walking in woodland, park and mountains or by the sea enhances that magical bond.

Make a date in your diary and set some time aside. It’s very powerful to sit near a body of water and close your eyes and call upon your guardian angels. Notice any thoughts, feelings, visions or symbols that are sent by the celestial companions.


Light a Candle

This simple yet powerful exercise is a quick and easy way to connect with your angelic team. This does not require much time or preparation and can be done during the day or night.

Gently gaze into the white flame of the candle and call upon your guardian angels. The most important thing to do is breathe and relax and after a short while you may feel a tingling sensation enveloping your body as you will be surrounded in a bubble of pure divine love. The more often you set aside time for this practice, the deeper your bond will become.

Never leave a candle unattended and always ensure to blow it out once you have finished your ritual.


Call on the fashion angles

The fashion angels, also known as the fashionista angels are a light-hearted pleasure to work with. If you have limited time and need to acquire a new outfit for a big event, the fashion angels are the perfect beings to connect with.

Make a clear request verbally or in your mind, that you require their assistance to purchase X or Y and thank them in advance. You will find that everything falls into place very quickly; you will be guided to go into a particular store where you find the assistant super helpful. Everything fits into place as if by magic within the perfect budget that suits your pocket.

These angels are so much fun to work alongside!


Request a parking space

One of the most taxing things for us humans is travel, which can take up a big part of our life. The travel angels are the perfect beings to request in such situations, and they will literally fly to the rescue. A simple invocation is to ask the parking angel to find you an available space and thank the angel in advance. Request smooth, easy and effortless travel while on your flight and an easy commute to and from work. You will feel guided to take specific action steps, which lead to a blissful journey, making your travel flow.


Get creative

Creativity is an important way to feed your soul and bring bliss into your life. There are a variety of creative avenues to explore: cooking, gardening, taking a dance class or even enrolling in pottery classes. You can even find adult colouring books and the key is to have fun and switch off from everything else that is going on in your life.

Ask the creativity angels to guide you to the perfect class, which fits with your schedule and budget, and thank them for this wonderful service. Alternatively if time is an issue ask the Angels to create time aside in your calendar to write or sing. The angels place a high value on creative endeavours and this is one of the most valuable experiences you can set aside for yourself.


Have a giggle!

The angels of fun are amongst my favourite to connect with; I always call upon them when I am planning a fun day out with friends or family. The world is your oyster and there are so many fabulous events that you can plan and enjoy. Life is for living and having fun, and that’s why these are the perfect celestial beings to call upon.

The angels always endeavour to connect us to our bliss and to have the magical life that we truly deserve. By connecting to these loving beings we can generate the joy, laughter and fun that we truly desire. We can fill our lives with many happy experiences and memories.

Your angels are only a wing and prayer away so choose to connect to these loving beings and take your life to the next level.

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