Every person has his hidden talents and qualities, but many are not even aware that they own them. That’s why there are these tests! Although they usually look, they can help you discover something really powerful in yourself.

Pick your favorite wings and find out more about yourself!


1. Wings of the Soul

Blue and raised, these wings represent an intelligent, old and calm soul. If you have chosen them exactly, you have a soul that has long been wandering around the world and knows life like no one else. You have gone through good and bad, but you have never allowed your innocence to die. You are a truly blessed soul with a good heart.

2. Wings of Dreams

You are constantly dreaming and living in your own world. Sometimes you know to be really introverted and completely lose yourself in your own thoughts. For you the most important thing is to have privacy and peace so you can think. You have the ability to create something from nothing. Dreamers, creators and thinkers – you are one of the rarest people on this planet.

3. Wings of Justice

Impartial and fair, you have an unusually strong sense of justice. When you have to make a decision, you take a balanced position, even if it’s in the opinion of your loved ones.

It’s easy for you to choose a site, as well as to remain impartial, and you are very proud of it. Your sense of right and wrong is the greatest blessing and you always do the best for everyone.

4. Wings of Love

Fiercely, caringly and uncompromisingly, you have a heart full of love. That’s why you love unconditionally and you never look for anything in return. Some people can take advantage of this quality, but nothing can prevent your heart from loving. Love for you is a real blessing and its size goes beyond all boundaries.

5. Wings of success

The desire for success, the drive for progress, and the tireless desire to be on top are what the person you are looking for is the price you are. You have everything you need to be successful. You always want to be the best version of yourself, and when you get to the top, you will not forget your roots. The desire for success is your greatest blessing, which constantly makes you move forward.

6. Wings of Truth

Be honest and your heart will never be afraid. Discover the truth and your hands will never tremble. You live a sincere life, authentically, setting an example to others. Unfortunately, your righteousness does not like everyone, so you lose those people who can not stand the truth. It’s good, because you will stay with only those you really mean to them.

# 7. Wings of Hope

You are optimistic and full of life. You have the ability in the world to find something good even when it is gone. You are a kind person who hates negativity and toxic people. Your hope and unbreakable faith represent the light at the end of the tunnel for all your friends. Hope and a better morning are your greatest blessing.

8. Wings of a fighter

In the heart you are fighters, and in the soul you are saints. Calmness and tenderness reflect your true nature, but you also have anger that awakens when you feel threatened. You are the protectors of loved ones, the guards of those you consider your loved ones. With your spirit of fighter and the motto “never says never” there is no limit that you can not overcome.

9. Wings of Desire

You are personalities that are made up of desires. These desires are so great that they are even bigger than life itself. They have the power to push you forward, so you achieve everything you want.

It is this uncompromising quest for your aspiration that separates you from the rest and makes you really special.

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