Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near. Finding a feather is one of the ultimate signs your Angels are with you.

Although our Angels are always looking over us and protecting us, we rarely know that they are there. Sometimes, our Angels send us signs and signals to let us know they are near and will always be there to love and support us.

Coming across a feather in your path or finding a feather in an unexpected place is a message from the Angels.

Feathers could also be a clue to an answer you have been looking for or even a message to tell you you're on the correct path.

So next time you find a feather, pay attention!

Although the most common feather sent from Angels is white, Angel feathers can come in all colors, and the color of your feather can give additional meaning to the message your Angels are sending you.
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Have you found a feather recently? Let's find out what it means.


This is the most common Angel feather and is thought to be a sign of faith and protection. A white feather can also be your Angel telling you that any loved ones in heaven are safe and well.


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A pink feather is a sign of love from your Angels. They are letting you know that their love is unconditional.


Purple is a color that represents spirituality. Perhaps your Angels are prompting you to activate higher thought and connectivity.


A red feather represents courage, strength, stability, and good fortune. If you've been through a difficult time of late, your Angels send comfort to let you know how strong you are.


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If you find a yellow feather, your Angels may encourage you to smile, have fun and enjoy life!


Green feathers represent prosperity and growth. So if you find a green feather, you're in luck!


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Blue represents communication, so a blue feather may well be your Angel telling you to listen! Blue is also a sign of peace and protection.


Grey feathers symbolize peace as well as neutrality. If you find a grey feather in your path, your Angels may be trying to tell you that the answer to a particular situation may not be as straightforward as a yes or no.


Brown feathers symbolize home and grounding. So perhaps your home life will be filled with positive energy soon!


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Orange feathers will bring you attraction and success! This is a sign that any new ideas or opportunities are approved by your Angels.


A black feather is a sign of protection from your Angels. They are here to guard you and repel negative energy.

Regardless of the color or meaning, finding feathers is a true blessing and a sign of love from your Angels.

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