Find Your Guardian Angel Using Numerology. It's All In Your Day Of Birth

Discover who your guardian angel is through Numerology and uncover the spiritual connection that has been with you since before you were born.

Find Your Guardian Angel Using Numerology. It's All In Your Day Of Birth

Would you like to uncover the identity of your guardian angel? Numerology can help reveal the spiritual connection that has been with you since before your birth.

Your guardian angel knows the true essence of who you are, having been by your side in heaven before you were physically present on Earth. They have even been with you during past lives if you believe in that concept and understand your life's purpose and the experiences and relationships you were meant to encounter.

Guardian angels are very close to God, so they have access to all the destinations, experiences, and relationships God planned for you on Earth. Guardian angels also know what you came to Earth to learn and teach.

Many people view guardian angels as fairytales we use to soothe children's fears of the dark.

Little do we know that our guardian angels are always present beside us, eager to assist us and persistently knocking at the door, hoping we'll accept their invitation.

It's important to note that all angels were brought into existence simultaneously at the onset of creation. 

One theory that we are allowed to believe is that on the first day when God made "light," the "light He made was the angels (Gen. 1:3). This is further confirmed when God "divided the light from the darkness," referring to the rebellion of the angels led by Lucifer (Gen. 1:4). This is brought forth by Saint Augustine in The City of God:

Finding your own Guardian Angel will tell you who will always be there for you.

Let's find out which one is yours!

Follow these 4 Steps to finding out your Guardian Angel from Your Date of Birth:

  1. Note down your Birth date in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

2. Add the numbers from left to right; for example, 22/08/1991 = 2+2+8+1+9+9+1 = 32.

3. Add the result to reduce to only one digit, 3+2 = 5. Thus, the person has a 5 lifepath in terms of Numerology. So that's how you find your own Lifepath.

Having a repetitive number in Step 2, like 11, 22, 33, or 44, means you've got a Master life path! So refrain from adding it up again.

4. Now according to your Lifepath, look through the list to find out which is your Guardian Angel!

Archangels, according to Lifepath:

With each Archangel's name number, a keyword and their respective vibrations (in brackets) have been given below.

One, your Archangel is Raguel (28/10/1),

Keyword –' Hero.' Having 1 lifepath makes you 'The Pioneer'! When you need to be strong, call Raguel to give you the courage to defend yourself.

TWO and ELEVEN, your Archangel is Uriel (29/11/2),

Keyword – 'Light.' The 2 lifepath is 'The Peacemaker and Master lifepath 11 is 'The Holy Messenger.' Uriel will show you the light through the darkness. He gives good judgment and the power to think clearly.

THREE, your Archangel is Jophiel (39/12/3),

Keyword – 'Freedom.' Since you have 3 lifepaths, you're 'The Communicator/ The Artist.' Jophiel gives enthusiasm, creative ideas, and happiness. He will motivate you to complete your unfinished work.

FOUR and TWENTY-TWO, your Archangel is Haniel (31/4),

Keyword – 'Garden.' You have 4 lifepaths as 'The Builder' and master 22 lifepaths as 'The Master Builder.' Haniel will give you suggestions for improvement and motivate you to grow.

FIVE, your Archangel is Jeremiel (41/5),

Keyword -'Pyramid' or 'Yin Yang.' Having 5 lifepaths makes you 'The Rebel.' Jeremiel will give you the determination to face your problems.

SIX and THIRTY-THREE, your Archangel is Michael (33/6),

Keyword – 'Teacher.' Having 6 lifepaths makes you 'The Lover.' If you have Master 33 as a life path, you are a 'Master Teacher.' The head angel, Michael, can be summoned by all. He will be the destroyer of negativity around you.

SEVEN, your Archangel is Raphael (34/7),

Keyword – 'Pleasure.' You have 7 lifepaths, as 'The Seeker.' Raphael will give you comfort and fitness. He understands what your body needs and lets you act according to it.

EIGHT and FORTY-FOUR, your Archangel is Raziel (35/8),

Keyword – 'Waterfall.' Getting 8 lifepath or master 44 lifepath makes you 'The Boss.' Raziel will boost your instincts. He helps you to see and think clearly.

NINE, your Archangel is Ariel (27/9),

Keyword – 'School' or 'Leader.' If you've got 9 lifepaths, summon Ariel to guide you when you contribute to your society. Ariel helps you protect the world around you.

Fact: Master number lifepaths have enhanced mystical qualities and energies. But, they are not superior to others. They are just trying to adjust to this birth.

A prayer you can say to your own Archangel:

Dear Archangel (name), I am thankful for always having you by my side and for keeping me safe. I hope to bond with you. Help me face my fears and guide me through difficulties that come my way. I pray to you to show me the right path. When I have you beside me, I believe in myself. Thank you for supporting me through thick and thin. I’m happy to have you with me.

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Some advice for better bonding with your Archangel:

Have a closer bond with your Archangel by getting familiar with his appearance.

Any Archangel can be summoned if you need their help. The list only shows the Archangel compatible with you.

Even though they have masculine or feminine names, they are believed to have no gender.

Your guardian angel can be anyone; it’s about who calms your mind and inspires better living.