The First Full Moon of 2021 is Going to Kickstart Your Life!

The First Full Moon of 2021 is Going to Kickstart Your Life! The long-awaited first Full Moon of 2021 is about to come. It brings all the positive energies you need to kickstart your life!

The First Full Moon of 2021 is Going to Kickstart Your Life!

The first Full Moon of the year is always a special event.

The first Full Moon of 2021, a.k.a. The Wolf Moon, rises on Thursday, January 28, 2021. It will reach peak illumination on Jan. 28.

Things have not been easy in 2020, to say the least… You all know what we mean. Uncertainty has played a major role in 2020 and yet our future still seems uncertain, to some point. Nothing has been easy in 2020 and our energies and mental strength have been pushed to their very limits.

Now a new year has come, and we have to do everything we can to make the best out of our lives. It is no longer time to complain about misfortune, or deep state conspiracy, aliens invasions, and the like…

2021 won’t be a quiet year and this New Moon starts the feelings of change within us.

We must be prepared, more focused on our intentions, and be ready to spring into action and get the best results from our efforts.

We need new energies and a new source of inspiration. The good news is, everything we need is already within ourselves. It’s our inner power that calls for being expressed at its maximum potential. The rest will come spontaneously.

Before digging into what we have to do during this Full Moon, and what we should do before the Full Moon rises, let’s have a glance at why this moon is known as the ‘Wolf Moon’.

Why is it called the Wolf Moon? Do wolves howl at the Moon?

In the words of The Old Farmers’ Almanac: “It’s thought that January’s full Moon came to be known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more often heard howling at this time. It was traditionally believed that wolves howled due to hunger during winter, but we know today that wolves howl for other reasons. Howling and other wolf vocalizations are generally used to define territory, locate pack members, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting. However, the name Wolf Moon has remained, and this is how we generally call the first Full Moon of the year.”

Back to our previous question, what should do we do during the first Full Moon of the Year?

This first Full Moon of the Year symbolizes a new beginning, a new series of chapters in our book of life. Yes, we have less freedom, but we are still free to think and act for our Highest Good. To do so, we have first to put some order in our lives, starting with the things and situations that we are no longer willing to bear.

A simple sentence summarizes the whole concept: It’s time to declutter.

To declutter means that we have to make room for new energies.

To do this, we must first cleanse all the dark areas of our lives, starting with the memories of our past (especially if the past has made us suffer).

In 2020, we have devoted all our energies, both physical and mental, to survive. And the future seems uncertain once again. But we have immense power within ourselves, and the time has come for all of us to unleash our power. If this is what we want to achieve in 2021, we must nurture ourselves with positive thoughts, and then put these positive thoughts into action.

To do so, we have first to ‘declutter’ our lives. All the things, objects, persons, and situations that cause us to suffer, or remind us of old sufferings, must go.

Think of your life as a big sphere (let’s call it the ‘emotional sphere’) that contains all the emotions, feelings, achieved goals, and defeated dreams that have made you the person you are. Some of the feelings you have experienced have certainly been feelings of sorrow, sadness, or suffering. All these events still ‘live’ within ourselves, and from time to time they surface, causing us to suffer again because of those memories.

For example, one day you come back home. At some point, driven by curiosity, you open a draw you hadn’t opened for years. An old picture pops us from the chaos of that long-time unchecked draw. That picture portrays you with someone who made you suffer a lot. A friend who betrayed you, a partner who cheated on you, or a person who had an abusive behavior towards you…All of a sudden, the feelings of sadness, or fear that you experienced beforehand, put you in a very bad mood. In the meantime, negative energies start to overwhelm you. Before opening that draw and finding that picture you were at peace with yourself. But as soon as that picture reminded you of old suffering, your life has plunged into darkness. Now a question arises: why suffering again? Why reliving the same painful experience just because of a picture that you hadn’t thrown away a long time ago? Take that picture, bless and forgive those who have made you suffer and then burn it. Burn that picture, for God’s sake!

Now imagine for an instant that you had already got rid of that picture a long time ago. You come back home, open the draw and, rather than finding something that puts you in a bad mood, you find something else. Maybe a picture, or an object, that reminds you of a beautiful moment of your life. Something that makes you smile. Positive energies begin to flow freely within you, and you experience joy and gratitude for having relived an amazing moment of your life. Do you see what we mean?

Declutter means that we have to get rid of the old to make room for the new. At the beginning of this article, we have suggested you of thinking of your life as a sphere that contains all the emotions and feelings of your life. In your emotional sphere, there is limited space, and the sphere is normally full. If you want something new to come into your life, you have first to let something go out of your emotional sphere to make room for the new. Like an atom, positive emotions and negative emotions constantly move within our emotional sphere interacting with each other. One part always tries to overtake the other. When in your emotional sphere, the positive energies outnumber the negative ones, we are surrounded with positivity and live a fulfilled life. Our energies are strong and we do not run the risk of being distracted by bad feelings or memories. On the other hand, when the negative energies outnumber the positive ones, our lives become sad because all the ‘hell’s bells’ of the past remind us of our suffering, thus putting us in a bad mood. When this happens, our energies are at ground level, and it takes an enormous effort to pull ourselves back together.

To declutter means that we must take action to get rid of everything that might potentially trigger a feeling of sadness, starting with a complete declutter of our draws, wardrobe, cellar, our loft, or our garage. Cleaning and throwing away all the things that no longer deserve a place in your ’emotional sphere’ is the best thing we can do to honor the upcoming Full Moon.

2021 deserves us at our best, and there’s nothing more exciting than letting go of the old and make room for the new. This Full Moon is telling us to embrace everything new that is coming into our lives after getting rid of our old memories of suffering and all the objects that remind us of pain and sorrow.

Enjoy your first Full Moon in 2021!  Use your time and energies wisely. last suggestion: do not sit on the dock of the bay, wasting time! (cit. from the great singer Marvin Gaye…).

Blog Article Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels