Choose your favorite card from the forest spirits, and please don’t choose just for the sake of choosing. Listen to that voice that tells you which card to choose, because right in that card there is a message for your life.

If you already chose, all that’s left is to discover the wonderful message it send you.



This card comes in your life to tell you that wonderful things are about to happen. You probably have many questions: what to do, what decision to make, where to go. And although sometimes you lose your temper (and even faith and patience) the important thing is to understand that one day, very soon, everything will make sense, that everything that must happen will happen, naturally, at the right time and for the best reasons.

Every situation you experience has a purpose in your life. For this reason, stay patient, fill yourself with optimism, work every day with love and continue advancing along the path of your dreams. Very soon you will see how your great challenges of today become your greatest joys of tomorrow.

No matter how many times you are knocked down, keep getting up, God sees your determination and will reward you when you need it the most. If you liked your message, do not forget to support us with a like and share the result with your friends and family.


This card comes in your life to remind you that every situation that occurs and every situation you experience has a purpose in your life. The important thing is to stay strong, trusting that God always walks by your side. You are passing through the middle of a storm, but that does not mean you are not heading towards the sun.

So today, with much love and much faith, open your arms, close your eyes, breathe deeply and say: I know that every event in my life is part of your plan, just give me your peace and help me flourish with the strength of your infinite love. Wonderful things will happen very soon. If you liked your message, do not forget to support us with a like and share the result with your friends and family.


It is wonderful to have a beautiful mind that dreams, imagines, projects. But even more wonderful than dreaming is having the courage to turn your dreams into reality, because a dream without action is only an illusion. It’s time to stand up, analyze your possibilities and start taking steps to fulfill your desires.

You should not run a marathon on your first day, the important thing is to start moving forward and every day keep moving forward, even if it is a single step, the most important thing is to never stop. If you had the ability to dream it, you surely have the ability to achieve it, a little more discipline and perseverance will make the difference.

If you give your best, life will return it 10 times better, because God promises you that what you sow, that you reap. If you liked your message, do not forget to support us with a like and share the result with your friends and family.


When you are committed to your dreams, God moves the universe to begin to conspire in your favor and in a wonderful and almost inexplicable way people, resources and situations start appearing to bring you closer to the place where you want to be.

But it is not a superficial commitment, you must commit your body and soul with all that you have: take your time, always give the best of you even when nobody is watching you, be kind and trust in the goodness of life.

You are the architect of your dreams and the architect of your own destiny; commit yourself to your greatest desires and you will see how every day, at every moment, life gets on your side and God guides you along the path that will take you to your goal.

The Forest Spirits always speak to uplift us!

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