Full Hunter's Moon October 20: Go Hunt Your Big Dream!

The first Full Moon of fall will appear soon. Wonderful things happen when there's a Full Moon! You do not want to be unprepared for this exceptional event.

A full red moon rising over trees in a clear blue sky
Full Red Hunter Moon rising over trees in a clear blue sky

Another spectacular Full Moon will occur soon, and it will be October 20's Full Hunter's Moon.

This time, make sure you are ready to go hunting for your Big Dream because you are prepared for it.

Before digging into the power of this Full Moon, let's find out why it is called the Hunter's Moon.

Why is it called Hunter's Moon?

In the words of Farmer's Almanac:

The earliest use of the term "Hunter's Moon," cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, is from 1710. Some sources suggest that other names for the Hunter's Moon are the Sanguine or Blood Moon, either associated with the blood from hunting or the color of the changing autumn leaves.
It is believed that this Full Moon came to be called the Hunter's Moon because it signaled the time to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter ahead.

The question now is: why should we pay so much attention to all Full Moons, and particularly to this one?

The answer is simple: because, whether you believe it or not, all Full Moons exert a powerful influence over our lives, for good and for the bad too. And the Hunter's Moon is no exception.

We have seen in previous Full Moons that we can experience powerful energetic shifts at all levels and in every aspect of our lives. These shifts can sometimes lead us to achieve a long-desired goal (a new job, a financial upgrade, a new home, a partner, having children, and the like). But we can experience shifts at a spiritual level, too. For instance, we can regain our self-confidence, feel more optimistic about our future, become more 'centered' and balanced, and also develop a tolerant and compassionate attitude towards others, and on and on.)

There is no doubt that all Full Moons play an essential role in our lives.

But, unlike Christmas time, when everyone is expecting a gift, Full Moons do not work like that. It's not predictable that you change your life and achieve your dreams at every Full Moon.

Do not take it for granted. To get the best out of the powerful energies of the Full Moon, you have to be prepared. And to prepare yourself for a major energetic shift and become a better person, you must first set your intentions clear. Full Moons' energies do not work well with unclear intentions.

So here comes a series of essential questions: how do you prepare yourself for a significant energetic shift during a Full Moon? How do you understand if your intentions are pure? And how do you use the Full Moon's energy to hunt your Big Dream?

First things first, do not set expectations. On the one hand, Full Moons indeed have powerful energies that you can use for your benefit. On the other hand, the Moon is a part of the Universe, and the Universe is aligned with your soul's true purpose. The Universe knows exactly what is good for you and when it is the right time to achieve your goal(s).

So the most important thing here is not of having a dream, but of asking yourself: "Am I sure that what I think is my ultimate goal is what my soul really wants for me?" Because to be fair, most people do not know what their soul really wants for them. What makes them happy, and what makes them whole.

The fact of 'having a Big Dream' does not mean that the Moon and its energies will align with your dream. Likewise, just because you dream it does not mean it's the right thing for you. Or the right time.

Let's give an example: many people say that their greatest dream is having a better job and a better wage.

But when you dream of a better job, is it the thing that your soul really wants for you? Or are you 'hunting' that dream because you want to have a better wage and climb the social ladder? Do you expect that by climbing the social ladder you'll have better friends or a happier life than now? So I ask you a simple question: are you satisfied with yourself regardless of your current position on the social ladder? Do you feel loved and respected by your closest friends and relatives or by your partner? Are you a person with a happy heart and a smile on your face, or are you constantly feeling sad and demotivated?

Honestly: do you think getting a better job and a better wage can really change your mood? Or is there more than meets the eye? If you dream of a wealthy life because you expect that more money will make you finally become a happy person, you are wrong. If you think that money can heal your sadness, well, maybe it's not the money, your actual problem. It's your sadness the problem here. When we hunt our dreams, we might miss the most important question we must ask ourselves: is my dream (and the chance to achieve it) what can really make me feel a better person, happier, acknowledged, and fulfilled? Or is it just a trick of the mind? So when you start dreaming of a better life, focus your intentions on your spiritual needs and desires and not on material goods of any kind.

Never forget that real dreams do not come from the mind. They come from the heart. And so, to go back to the job's example, maybe what we think is a dream (a better job and a better wage) is just the outcome of your envy towards your neighbor who just bought a bigger car, goes on vacation more often than you do, and has more expensive clothes. In this case, you might think: "oh, look, he's got a better job than me, and he's got a better life than mine, so I dream of having a very well-paid job, so I will be happier too!".

At this point, please do not get me wrong: dreaming of having a better life at all levels is not a crime, indeed!

But the problem is, the Moon does not read your mind. Instead, the Moon reads your heart.

So if your dream comes from your mind, there are very few chances that you can achieve your dream. But when you dream through your heart, chances are that the Moon's energies will help you achieve your dream because it is precisely what your heart wants for you.

If you want to prepare yourself to make the best out of this phenomenal upcoming Full Hunter's Moon, you have to forget your mind and focus on what your heart wants. You have to be a bit like Lieutenant Columbo (from the Columbo TV series).
A gentle yet thorough investigator. In your case, you don't have to solve crimes but unveil the truth that comes from your soul. Do not be afraid of asking yourself: "What is good for me? What makes me happy?" And, above all, do not be scared of what the answer could be. Maybe it's not what you expected. Do not worry. Your soul knows you at a deeper level, and the soul doesn't lie. And so the upcoming Full Moon will read your true feelings and will indeed send you back the energies that you need to achieve your Biggest Dream: that of being a better, happier, and more fulfilled person, regardless of what you have or not have in your material life.

Let your soul gently guide you, and you won't get lost. This Full Hunter's Moon is here to help you!

Enjoy your time, and have fun!

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Photo by Alan Emery on Unsplash