Full Moon in Leo on February 8th, 2020: Get Ready for a Powerful Boost!

Full Moon in Leo is going to make you roar!

Full Moon in Leo on February 8th, 2020: Get Ready for a Powerful Boost!

2020 is a leap year which means February has one extra day for us to enjoy. This special day, February 29, gives us the numerology code of 8, a number representing balance, abundance, and the infinite potential of the soul.

This is a good summary of what February brings. It is a much lighter month than January and will help all of us to ease into the new vibrations that 2020 has in store for us.

The first major event falls on February 8th with a Full Moon in the sign of Leo.

Compared to the potent Full Moon Eclipse we had back in January, this Full Moon is going to feel easy and breezy!

The major influence on this full moon comes from the fixed star in constellations Leo and Ursa Major. They both act as the planet Mars to reinforce the major aspect, Moon trine Mars. So full moon February 2020 gives strength, courage, and initiative. It encourages you to act on your emotional and passionate desires, especially regarding your intimate relationships and family.

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The fixed stars give the confidence to act boldly and take what you want but they also caution against acting too selfishly and ignoring the feelings of others. Finding the right balance between bravado and sensitivity is the key to having your desires fulfilled.

It carries strengthening vibrations that will guide us to feel confident and aligned with where we are on our journey. It also carries abundant energy and will bring the culmination to all we have been working towards since August of 2019.

The strength of this Full Moon will also guide us to bring closure to past issues that have been holding us back or bogging us down.

The February Full Moon gives us a newfound strength and wisdom that will really help support us as we move through the month.

Image by Smim Bipi from Pixabay

On February 16th, Mars, the planet of motivation, will move into Capricorn, adding to the line up of planets we have in Earth signs.

While Mars in Capricorn is traditionally a very ambitious placement, the sheer amount of earthy energy may make us feel like we are dragging our feet a little. We may feel heavy or find ourselves struggling to find the motivation to move forward.

Having this extra weight to carry reminds us to stop, pause, and reflect a little before moving ahead. In fact, if you are lacking motivation throughout the month, giving yourself permission to pause for a moment just may bring you the inspiration you are looking for.

Mars will be supporting our highest ambitions while in Capricorn, so there is great energy to use here too, we may just have to be a little patient and tactical when it comes to how we use it. This is especially true as a few days later we have the first Mercury Retrograde of the year!

Overall, February is a warming month that will bring a softening to some of the harsher energies we have been experiencing.

With Mercury in Retrograde, we may have to pause and slow down when it comes to our outer world, but that only leaves the door wide open for us to get in touch with our inner world.

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