What Is The Purpose of Guardian Angels?

What is the purpose of Guardian Angels? Why are they here and how do they help us?

What Is The Purpose of Guardian Angels?

What is The Purpose of Guardian Angels?

What is the purpose of Guardian Angels? Why are they here, and how do they help you?

Why Are Guardian Angels Here?

I recently gave a workshop on angelic communication, and one of the participants called me at the last minute to ask if she could bring her seven-year-old son. She explained that her sitter had backed out at the last minute and that she would bring some activities along to keep him busy. I agreed to tell her that it would be okay if he didn’t interfere with the class while in session.

Nathan sat quietly coloring at a back table, yet I noticed that he was keenly interested in the presentation.

After one of the breaks, I was pleasantly surprised to find a note in Crayon that read: ‘Dear Dar, Why are guardian angels here? Love Nathan.’

I chuckled at the spelling error, asked Nathan to join the group, and then read his letter aloud.

Your Guardian Angel Loves You

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Your Guardian Angels Love You

I shared with Nathan that no matter what you say or do, your Guardian Angels love you anyways. And that your guardian angels are way better than your best friend because they will never judge or criticize you.

Your Guardian Angels Guide You in the Right Direction

Next, I asked Nathan, “Have you ever needed to make a decision but weren’t sure what to do?” Nathan nodded, ‘yes.’

“Your Guardian angels are like your inner GPS. They guide you in the right direction, step by step, by the way you feel inside. Our job as humans is to learn to listen to and to trust that guidance.”

Your Guardian Angels Encourage You

“Can I ask my guardian angels to help me not to be scared of spiders?” Nathan asked.

“Of course,” I explained. “Your guardian angels will encourage, inspire, and empower you to be strong, courageous, loving, compassionate, and kind. They want to help you to step into your potential, as well as to fulfill your life purpose.”

“Whoa, that’s big. I’m only seven!” He exclaimed as the room burst out in light-hearted laughter.

Your Guardian Angels Protect You

“Finally,” I said to Nathan, “Your guardian angels protect you. You’re precious to them, and they want you to feel safe no matter what.”

This caught Nathan’s attention. His eyes widened as he ruffled his fingers through his hair. “Will they protect me from Alex [not his real name]? He always picks on me.”

“Yes, they will. Let me show you how.”

I then went on to show Nathan and the class how to shield themselves in a bubble of love and light.

Your Guardian Angel Is Always Watching Over You With Love And Compassion

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The Purpose of Guardian Angels

It’s as simple and easy for a child to understand. The purpose of guardian angels is to love, guide, and protect you.

And more importantly, they encourage and empower you to fulfill your purpose on Earth.

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