Halloween Special Test: What Type Of Witch Are You?

Simply relax and choose the hat that attracted you first and we’ll tell you what type of witch you are!

Halloween Special Test: What Type Of Witch Are You?

Halloween is coming and the experts at Zen Magazine have prepared you a special test which will help you find what type of witch you are.

Probably, each one of you has passed at least one psychological test. Someone did it to satisfy their curiosity, others – for self-knowledge and self-improvement.

Each such test has a certain direction, its specific goal. Whether it’s about finding your hidden personality, understanding your true nature or simply discovering your fate, our psychologists work hard to create interesting tests for everybody and anytime and they have created this test specially for you for this Halloween.

Every woman inside is a little witch. If you pay attention, then it’s very easy to notice. Of course, her magic is mostly domestic and culinary, however, who knows where is the limit of her abilities.

Now simply relax and choose the hat that attracted you first and we’ll tell you what type of witch you are!


1. These witches are very strongly associated with the Force of Earth and Nature. They gladly learn and use the forces of herbs and, most importantly, successfully use the Power of their magnetism.

2. Leaders must be born and these witches are born leaders. The universe gives them power and energy to lead. This is evident from the combination of stars in the birth. They are confident, optimistic and spiritually advanced and they strive for all kinds of esoteric knowledge, yogas, massages, etc.

3. These witches have a natural ability to experience the changes in the energy fields around them. They possess extremely sensitive intuition, and they can easily send and receive energy into the past, the present and the future.

4. Extremely strong in magical practice, nothing can break their concentration. They tend to re-invent their magical essence in the quiet of nature, whether it’s in the forest or by the peaceful sea. They are strong-minded and persistent and always stand on their own.

5. These witches feel inspiration and “enlightenment” at midnight, when silence prevails, and darkness claims its dominance. Do not confuse darkness with evil. These witches simply perceive what is hidden and have a heightened senses and abilities.

6. Very strongly associated with the orbits of planets and stars. Once they are shown in the night sky, these witches easily realize that they are part of something more, and although they know little about it, they can successfully direct the energy of the stars to this World.

7. Endowed with the ability to use powerful spells of Magic Candles and subjugate the flow of energy. They do not need something special to be nourished by the Magical Power, just enough to get it from the released Fire Passion! Becouse of this they are very fiery, passionate and can lose their temper easily.

8. This witch is a housewife. They are prone to working in their magic room, using energy derived from household supplies, such as food and protective equipment. These are typical kitchen witches who always brew their potions, investing in them their love and affection.

Source: this article was originally written and published in October 27, 2017 By nenadmitevski4gmail-com on zen-magazine
Original title : Halloween Special Test: Choose A Hat And Find What Type Of Witch You Are!