Select your favorite heart and find out the secrets it reveals about your personality.



You have a calming effect to the people around you. You are looking for a partner who is faithful and loyal and it takes time for you to warm to other people. But once you give your heart to someone, you are completely loyal.


You are wacky and attractive and rarely reveal your true nature. You are intoxicated and mysterious – you never reveal too much. This way, you protect yourself from getting hurt by other people. People are fascinated by your mysterious charm.


You want something close to perfect, such as relationships in romantic movies. A night filled with flowers, candles and eye-to-eye contact, is an ideal night for you. For everything you give, you expect the same unconditional love in return, which you often receive it.


You live a physical and a life filled with love and you always bring warmth and hotness to the bedroom.

Be full of energy and always in control, and your partner will love that!

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