Does The Heart Have Intelligence? Can We Really Think With Our Hearts?

Find out what the Intelligence of the Heart is and how to use it to consciously create your own reality.

Does The Heart Have Intelligence? Can We Really Think With Our Hearts?
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The answer is YES!

Yes, the heart has its own intelligence: the Intelligence of the Heart.

The Intelligence of the Heart spontaneously blooms as soon as we emerge from the separation between the rational and the intuitive, the mental and the emotional, and the male and the female sides of our cerebral hemispheres.

The Intelligence of the Heart is the union of awareness and love: our brain and our heart communicate and cooperate in order to consciously create our reality.

When we recognize our divine nature in the Oneness, we begin to consciously use the frontal lobe of our brain, going beyond the separation of the two hemispheres, which are always related to duality and judgment.

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The frontal lobe is also known as the Throne of God because this is where we create our reality through images that become our life matrix. The frontal lobe forms and hosts those images that are projected onto the mirror of our lives. What happens to us is nothing but a reflection of our mind, which emanates from the frontal lobe.

When we are in deep contact with the Intelligence of the Heart, which is nothing other than the wisdom of love, every decision becomes simple and spontaneous. Every problem stops being a problem and spontaneously finds its solution; there are no longer doubts or hesitations.

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We choose and act for the common good, which is the good of everyone. We always make the best choices for ourselves and everyone affected by our decisions because we know that what is good for us is also good for others and vice versa. It cannot be for our own sake if it is not for the benefit of everyone. When, on the contrary, we act outside of the Oneness, our egotistical choices could be good for our personal gain but at the same time be to other people’s detriment.

True understanding is born from the wisdom of love and a compassionate heart. True understanding is never the result of the mind's thoughts because the mind, by its very nature, can only judge.

Does a child judge their parents? Does a dog judge its master? No, because their love is unconditional. When we judge others, our love is not unconditional, so we behave as if it is a commodity to be bought or exchanged. We use love as blackmail. “I love you only if you are good to me,” “I love you only when you behave according to my expectations and do not disappoint me”, “I love you only if first you prove to me that you love me.

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Love is the energy of life. When we try to control it, when we deny it, not only do we deny ourselves love but also life. We experience this life to learn to love.

We are not here to judge, we are here to love.

The world is,, never right or wrong, never totally black or white. The world is what it is: do not judge it, love it.

Let love flow freely, abandon yourself to love, allow it to reawaken the Intelligence of the Heart. Thanks to its compassionate wisdom, you will become the embodiment of love, one of its disciples, and one of its prophets.

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