An Angel Card Reveals A Message You Need To Hear

Our guardian angels are excellent counselors and their guidance is truly in our best interest. Here are 5 Angel cards: each of them has a message for you. Only one of these cards is speaking directly to your soul: which is yours?

An Angel Card Reveals A Message You Need To Hear

The messages that come from our Angels are always for our highest good. The Angels aim to guide us to achieve our dreams and find happiness, joy, and inner peace.

Due to their Angelic nature, we can always rely on their messages because they come from an unlimited source of Unconditional Love. Their divine guidance is truly in our very best interest.

As we explain in our book We Are Human Angels: The term “Angel” comes from the Latin word “Angelus” which in its turn, comes from the Greek “ἄγγελος” having the meaning of messenger, in this case, “messenger of God”. Angels are messengers of Divine Love whose compassionate actions make a positive difference in other people's lives. Angels have committed to work for a better world at this particular moment in which dramatic events and changes afflict our planet. The Angels have a task of love to carry out: reawakening human beings to the consciousness that, beyond the illusions of the ego and separation, beyond conflicts and inequalities, there is only the Truth of the Oneness. The Angels are beacons that simply being who they are, illuminate the darkness to help those still on the path to stay the course.

The Angels communicate with us in many ways, including messages, signs (also warning signs), and Angel cards.

Even if it is sometimes difficult for us to see, the Angels send us messages to help us see the good in every situation. There is, indeed, a lot we can do to bring about a more peaceful state of being into our lives.

Their messages are what we need at this exact moment in our lives. Every Angel brings a different message. We have to understand and treasure each message and sign they give us and make the best out of them.

Right now, as we all know, an energy shift is occurring on our planet that is making room for new paradigms. This shift brings about a range of emotions and energy for many people, some of which can be very fearful. But the Angels want to assure us that there is a very positive side to all that is happening because coincidences do not exist and nothing happens by chance .

So now we know we can always count on our Angels for the best advice, counsel and information available.

Take a look at the 5 Angels in the picture and choose one that speaks to your soul, then read the message

1. You Have Chosen Angel Number 1

Everything is going to be just fine: the next days and weeks are full of joy. The answers to questions like: “When will I see the results of my work? When will I have more clarity on what I want from my life? What should I do at this point in my life?” will soon find the answer you’ve searched for a long time. The time has come to use your time and energy wisely. Stop wasting time doing things you do not like. You may have delayed important decisions because you did not feel it was the right time. Now the time has come! Step out of your comfort zone and do the unexpected. Put your qualities in service to your Highest Good.

From now on, you should only work, think and act with Love. You can now tap into your inner source of guidance to finally achieve your goals. Focus your energies on your highest desires because what is stopping you from achieving your goals is going out of your life. You are now the only master of your destiny. Keep trying, keep a positive attitude, and see that nothing is impossible for you. You have now achieved a higher self-confidence that will drive you to the best results in any field of life.

Sometimes, we only have to patiently wait for things to happen, and your time is now. Keep going and life will smile at you!

2. You Have Chosen Angel Number 2

True Love is knocking at your door. If in the past you have experienced a relationship that has made you suffer, this is no longer going to happen. You are now whole, One with life, more confident, and aware that you have so much love within yourself. You can start looking for a new relationship, or a new and stronger friendship, or a better connection with your family and relatives. Angel number 3 is also telling you that if, on the other hand, you are not looking for a new relationship but you want to regain all the ‘lost time’ with your significant other, this is the right time to do so.

Before looking for love outside of yourself, you have first to look for love within you. Now you are Love. You know your qualities, but the daily routine has driven you away from all the attention and care you used to have for your partner, or friends, or family. Maybe you were just too busy at work for realizing that your relationship was going nowhere. It was just ‘routine’. Begin again to make unexpected calls to your significant other, or your best friend, or your parents. Call them to say “I Love You”. You are now in the condition of putting Love first, and to show others that you can be the best partner, or friend, or son that can ever be found on earth. Trust your qualities, do not hide them and don’t take anything for granted.

You are loved because you are Love in its purest essence. The time has come to shine your light brightly and everything will appear to you in a new light, cleared of any fear. Love wins, always!

3. You Have Chosen Angel Number 3

Stand up! You have lived a life with lots of desires and few satisfactions. You were looking at other people’s success as something out of your reach. But now you have just begun to realize that other people are just a reflection of yourself. You have started walking on a new, wider spiritual path that allows you to recognize in others the qualities you prize within yourself. Being jealous of other people’s success is only a way to stop yourself from achieving your dreams. Now you have a clearer vision of the world, and this vision leads you to understand that if others are successful, you can be successful too!

You know now that you can learn from others without judging them. If you have chosen Angel number 2, it means that you can now see that you are One with everything that happens, and everything that happens is part of your co-creation. Your thoughts and emotions are powerful and infallible energy fields that attract complementary energies. This is how you will create every moment in your new, fresher, happier life. You can now listen and learn from every experience rather than complaining about misfortune. You are now enlightened!

4. You Have Chosen Angel Number 4

Stop feeling guilty, turn the page and start a new chapter!
Maybe you have spent most of your life thinking that you do not do enough for others. You have been constantly searching to do anything you could to help others, to solve their problems, or to make them feel good. This is, of course, a loving attitude that makes you a very good person. But you are also a person that feels guilty for not doing ‘enough’ for others, which makes you feel guilty and, consequently, sad. For example, you had a friend who was struggling with financial problems and you could not help him solve his problems. Or, you had a friend who was struggling with his/her romantic relationship, and you were always there to comfort them to reassure them, and to make them feel loved.

But if those problems could not find a solution in the same way water finds its way through every crevice, you felt that is was your fault. Now the time has come for you to put yourself first. You cannot solve all the problems in the world. Before looking for solving other people’s problems, solve your problems first. This is not about being selfish, because selfishness is not something that belongs to you, nor is it part of your personality. However, by trying to constantly solve other people’s problems you have forgotten to solve yours. Make the habit of thinking of you as the wonderful person you are, and use your energies to live a more happy life, without carrying all the problems of the world on your shoulders.

Here we share two paragraphs taken from chapter 1.3 - Feelings of Guilt from our book We Are Human Angels, We Inspire Change that is surely useful to you to understand your Angel’s message better:

There is and will always be someone around us who is suffering; as a consequence, we always have and will have an excuse for not allowing ourselves to live a joyful life. How can we fully witness the light if we come into contact with darkness, we allow it to become part of us. How can we be a beacon, a radiating center of light, if we continuously move our center outside of ourselves? True happiness arises from the consciousness that happiness is not a temporary emotion of the ego. It is a permanent state of Being that does not depend on something or someone. Only in this way can we be really happy and share with everyone our gift of joy. When we are happy, we can make other people happy too. When a tree is deeply rooted in the earth, it resists all winds, even the strongest, just as when our happiness is rooted in the Being. It completely stops depending on the continuous changing of circumstances and becomes indestructible and immovable.

When we open the door of our hearts with the key of consciousness, we discover treasures that were enshrined within and that we did not even imagine existed. Our main purpose becomes that of sharing them unconditionally, without expectations. This is how we live our lives with happiness, testifying our true nature as Human Angels in service to the Oneness. When we experience discomfort and unhappiness caused by feelings of guilt, we must remember that we are experiencing one of the subtlest tricks of the ego. In the Oneness, there is no judgment; there is neither fault nor sin. When the ego disappears, feelings of guilt disappear too, and everything returns to belong to the Oneness. And we finally have the courage to be ourselves, who we Are, and be accomplished and happy.

Your Angel’s message can be summarised like this:
It takes more courage to be happy than to be unhappy.

The time has come to regain self-confidence, happiness, and joy of living. Put yourself at the center of your life. Be Happy!

5. You Have Chosen Angel Number 5

Do What Brings You Joy and Act for the Greater Good

Joy is very strong energy because it is aligned with the love of the entire Universe.

By being joyous and doing joyful things, you boost both your energy and that of the people around you. Joy is contagious!

When you spend your days feeling stressed, miserable, or unhappy, that negative energy affects everyone in your life as well as yourself. When you start acting with joy, your life and the lives of everyone around you are raised to the highest level, merging with the energies that serve the highest purpose in life: the Greater Good. By acting and living for the greater Good, you fulfill your highest potential as a Human Being and can find your own mission here on earth. You see the vision of a new life and world appear clearly before you.

You start spreading joy everywhere, in every aspect of your life, and the whole world will benefit from it. Let all your fears vanish and make room for more joy. Be thankful for what you have, and do your best to show your blessings to the world. When you realize that we are all One and begin acting for the good of everyone, you cannot fail. The energy of Joy is now by your side. You are ready to be a beacon of light and joy that spreads its powerful message in every corner of the world.

The time has come for you to let go of every fear and limiting belief that has stopped you from putting your life in service to the Greater Good. By putting yourself in service to the Greater Good is to Think Big because there is no greater purpose in a human being’s life. Now you are ready to make a positive difference and show the way to all human beings. Just open your wings and begin to fly! The sky is the limit. Go above and beyond!

The Angels are here to help. If you follow their advice, your life will be just amazing beyond imagination!