How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

Seeking guidance is sometimes tricky. If you do not know how to ask the Universe for a sign, here's how.

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign


We’ve all been in the same situation. When we already feel trapped into our own lives. Seeking guidance is tricky sometimes. Even the wisest and the purest people may sometime mislead us. What is right for someone, is not always right for everyone else. Hence, a good advice may have deadly results.

The reason is that, we are not always ready to know the truth or to receive what we ask for.
This is why you have to Ask the Universe for a Sign. Why? Because the Universe is you!

The Universe is You

By asking the Universe / God / Gods / Goddesses / Angels etc you actually set yourself online with the Divine Source. What you might think is that God or the Universe will actually reply directly to what you ask for. On the contrary. By doing that, you directly connect with the Divine Source and you reply to yourself, as God.


There are many ways to achieve that. We are going to show the Passive and the Active way to achieve that.

The Passive way to Ask the Universe for a Sign:

So first things first.

In order to ask the Universe for a Sign you have to make up your mind.

What is your question?

You may think that’s silly, but usually the Universe will not reply to all your questions at once. You have to ask one thing and wait for the answer. Do not move to another question, unless you are sure that “God has spoken to you”.

Now that the question is clear, meditate on it. Close your eyes and make the Lotus Mudra – Magical Gesture to talk to the divine. Repeat the Question as clear as possible. Make it simple. Repeat it again until you are sure the Universe would receive it loud and clear.


Tell the Universe why this is important for you.

Although plain curiosity is also acceptable, you can “empower the spell” by infusing it with your desire. Why do you need to know? Tell the universe, like you are talking to your best friend.
Give possible answers. While you still meditate, tell the universe some examples on how you want it to reply. For example. Ask a ‘Yes or Νο’ question like “Is this… true of false?“. Now continue, “if it’s True, I want tomorrow, at 14.04 o’clock to see the Sun shine. If it’s false, I want tomorrow, at 14.04 o’clock to see rain”. In this way, you’ve given the Universe both the question and 2 possible answers. Of course the Universe is not obliged to reply the way you mentioned but you make it easier.

Set a time limit. Of course you are still meditating. Ask the Universe for a Sign, presented as clear as possible. Your question should be answered though until a certain time. Set a rational time limit. I usually say something like “I want you Universe, to send me a sign until … Monday at 10.00 in the morning.”


Why would you do this?

Because you don’t lose focus of your question. You are spiritually and mentally alert, and of course this radiates power and confidence.
Finish the meditation and let go. Release the energy and keep it in mind without draining your energy. You may need to ground yourself to achieve that. Let the universe decide how to answer your question. Right down what you asked, and the time frame. Go back to your question on the same night you set the time-limit and review what has been done. Repeat if necessary.

Give it a try… Ask the Universe for a Sign!

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