How to Heal Your Inner Child With The Help Of The Angels

The Angels of Light are able to help us understand and transcend Inner Child issues.

How to Heal Your Inner Child With The Help Of The Angels

Is It Possible to Heal Our Inner Child?

Many of us have a strong belief that our Inner Child issues are over, have already been dealt with and healed.

We have attended seminars and workshops, visited Psychologists and Healers of various kinds, talked it out, etc.

But the Messages the Angels of Light are sending through me is that there is more work to be done for (possibly) everyone.

In one of my Readings, an individual we will call Erin, who has been on the Spiritual Path for many years, verbalized that she “had already worked out her inner Child issues” long before. Yet, in working with her, the Angels showed us that there were still issues concerning her Inner Child that were definitely holding her back.

Insights Through Her Guardian Angels

Looking into this, her Guardian Angels took us back to a scene from early childhood in which she, as a nine-year old “good little Lutheran girl” sat in a Sunday School class in which the subject under discussion was “Other religions of the world”.

The subject was very interesting to Erin because she had recently been looking into some of the books at home concerning other religions, and had concluded from her own observations that all of the religions had a continuity of Purpose, and were all related.

As a little nine-year old, Erin raised her hand in Sunday School class, and when called upon asked, “Aren’t all of the religions really connected? Aren’t we all heading in the same direction, but doing it in different ways?”

This question apparently incensed the teacher, because, without explanation, she told Erin to “leave Sunday School for the day”.


That was how it was left.

Perhaps you would think that Erin could have seen through the short-sighted prejudice of the teacher, but Erin was only a child when this happened, and the negative programming this incident caused REMAINED. Even after Erin grew up, she still looked upon this memory as proof that there was SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER…Not with the teacher!

Understanding Our Blocks…

If we understood where and when our blocks got started, we might be able to fix them ourselves. Unfortunately, there is usually such a bad feeling relating to the circumstances of the original programming, that we cannot get past these blocks and obstacles by ourselves.

Fortunately, the Angels of Light are able to help us understand and transcend Inner Child issues.

In Erin’s case, the Angels helped her by giving us a full description of her Original Essence. As they described her, Erin had to admit that what they were saying was accurate. The Angels described Erin’s true inner qualities as: Love, Caring, Sincerity, Beauty, Understanding, and Insight. They also said that Erin is a Light Being.

The next step was to “Clear” her negative programming through the use of Spiritual Response Therapy. After this was complete, the change in Erin’s countenance was remarkable. As often happens in the sessions I do, my client’s face started to glow. She immediately felt and looked much better than before.

Now, several months later, Erin still notices the difference. She feels that her life has changed. Here are some of her comments:

"It was wonderful. The Angels helped me remember that I’m a Light-Worker, and they validated my Light-Being status. The Angels allowed me to look at myself and appreciate what you and others see, and what I’ve accomplished. I don’t need so much outside validation anymore. Now I can validate myself. Now it’s safe to open up.”

While it is true that we always will have challenges and obstacles in our lives, it is also true that finding out who we really are, and Clearing out the rest is an invaluable aid in getting back onto our own True Path.

The Angels are here to help us, and through helping us to Love and Understand our own Inner Child, they are doing just that.

source angelreadingsbyzara