How to Make a Person Happy

Make the world a better place by achieving and sharing your happiness with others. Happiness can make this world a much better place

a smiling woman looking at herself in the mirror sitting in a sunny field in the nature
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We all want the world to be happier and surrounded by happy people, right?

We’re sure that you agree when we say that happiness would solve many of the world’s problems.

Especially nowadays, many people feel frustrated, sad, and powerless.

That’s why spreading happiness is so important. The world would be a much better place.

The most important thing about happiness is that you can share it. Especially nowadays, many people feel frustrated, sad, and powerless.

It becomes crucial for every person who has found inner happiness to share it with others.

Only when you are happy you can make other people happy too.

When we remember that we are divine creators and that everyone is a divine creator, our mood stops depending on external circumstances and other people’s happiness or sadness. It depends only on us.

As it is for ourselves, so it is for others.

We stop feeling guilty for other people’s unhappiness when we finally realize that their happiness depends only on them and not on us.

When a tree is deeply rooted in the earth, it resists all winds, even the strongest, just as when our happiness is rooted in the Being. It completely stops depending on the continuous changing of circumstances and becomes indestructible and immovable.

Green tree
When a tree is deeply rooted in the earth, it resists all winds Photo by Henry Lai / Unsplash

When we open the door of our hearts with the key of consciousness, we discover treasures that were enshrined within and that we did not even imagine existed. Our main purpose becomes that of sharing them unconditionally, without expectations.

This is how we live our lives with happiness, testifying our true nature as Human Angels in service to the Oneness. When we experience discomfort and unhappiness caused by feelings of guilt, we must remember that we are experiencing one of the subtlest tricks of the ego.

In the Oneness, there is no judgment, neither fault nor sin. When the ego disappears, feelings of guilt disappear too, and everything returns to belong to the Oneness.

And we finally have the courage to be ourselves, to be who we Are, to be accomplished and happy.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Only in this way can we be really happy and share our gift of joy with everyone. When we are happy, we can make other people happy too.

So what are you waiting for? Get started and make the world a happier place.

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