How To Prepare Your Home For New Energy In 2019

Want to start 2019 with a clean slate? Here are 7 tips to get yourself on a new wavelength for the year:

How To Prepare Your Home For New Energy In 2019

Want to start 2019 with a clean slate?

While it's a good idea to sort out your schedule and refresh your habits, you also need to consider what lingering energies are sticking around from last year. With the news in 2018, it's safe to say we all have some sort of baggage we are hanging onto. But what exactly are energies and how can we tap into them?

To get some more insight, we asked Lenea Sims, founder of Gooey Girl, to give us the DL. As an energetic intuitive and coach, Sims has a knack at understanding the different forces at play in our environments. Want to be able to access the energies inside yourself and your home, as well as methods to bring positive vibes into your life? Read ahead to get yourself on a new wavelength for the year.


Tip 1: Understand Energies
"Energy is everywhere! This means that everything – from our spaces to our words to people in our lives to inanimate objects – holds a particular frequency or vibration," shares Sims. "The way that these things vibrate will depend on many factors including their intended purpose – think about the way a spa feels versus a nightclub – and your own associations with them – your childhood stuffed toy will hold a different energy for you than a stranger who sees it in your house."

"The way these things vibrate – the way they expel their energy – matters! It matters because everything that is around you will emit a certain energy field that will then influence your energy field," she explains. "Think of it as if you have rays around you and everything near you also has these rays. At some point, they will overlap so you want to make sure the things near you have rays that you want to welcome into your own energy field."

Sims adds, "It's also important to note that your energy field is made up of your emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health. It encompasses everything that you are. So, if you're feeling down in any way, it is likely because something is off in your energy field."

"Therefore, it's imperative that you take care to mind your personal energetic hygiene on a daily basis as well as commit to larger cleanses of your personal spaces on a regular basis as they are the biggest energy field you come into contact with," she shares.

Tip 2: Clear Your Space
"Getting rid of old energies is essential to bringing in new, fresh, and abundant energy," explains Sims. "To begin doing this, you need to physically clear your space of clutter. A cluttered space means cluttered energy — which means a cluttered mind for you. Clearing out old papers, overflowing cabinets, and especially any visual clutter in your living spaces is a critical step to opening your space for new energy to arrive.

Tip 3: Smudge
"You may want to smudge your space. Smudging is a sacred ceremony practiced by indigenous peoples to cleanse and bless spaces as well as people," notes Sims. "For this reason, it is very important to be mindful and respectful when enacting this practice and you should certainly read up on its history so you can be informed about its impact."

"Smudging can be done with a variety of herbs all of which hold a specific healing power," she shares. "Dried white sage, for example, has the energy of purification and is meant to drive out negative energies in your space."

"Be sure to open a window when you burn sage so that the bad vibes can escape," recommends Sims. "Also, make sure to sage in corners as well as basements or attics if you have one; stagnant energies tend to get trapped in cramped spaces so pay particular attention to these areas."

"You may also want to think about burning other herbs like lavender or juniper which promote relaxation and protection respectively," she adds. "Whatever you use, it is critical that you be intentional about your smudging and hold the intention in your mind while you clear your home."

Tip 4: Manifest New Energy

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"Once you've dispelled the negative energies, you can focus on bringing in new ones! If you've chosen to smudge, you may want to immediately follow up by using gemstone essences or plant hydrosols," Sims shares. "Because they are imbued with the energy of natural, pure materials, they bring a certain sweetness and positivity back into a space."

"I really love the gemstone essences from Moon Nectar Apothecary which you can put on your own body, into a bath, or rub on doorknobs around your space to uplift the energy," she says. "I also love making my own hydrosols. It's a super simple and cheap way to bring good vibes into your space."

Tip 5: Go Natural
"Energetically speaking, every single flower, stone, and crystal vibrate at a level of purity and peace, so you really can't go wrong bringing any of them into your space," Sims says. "That said, I've been loving Moonstone lately as it beautifully helps to combat stress and anxiety as well as enhances your intuition. I also love Selenite which purifies and brings mental clarity."

"It's important that you pick out stones and flowers, though, that bring you joy," she shares. "Let them choose you by allowing yourself to gravitate towards whatever is making you smile and then looking up the properties later. You can't choose wrong!"

Tip 6: Consider Color
"All colors, like everything, hold a specific energy," Sims explains. "Many of these will be innate to you. Red is fiery and bold, while blue tends to be more calming and relaxing."

"Intentionally choosing colors that hold the energy of what you want to manifest is critical to surrounding yourself with good vibes," she shares. "Choose purple if you're looking to manifest more abundance or green if you're more focused on healing and growth."

Tip 7: Get Connected
"Energy is an ecosystem that puts us in connection with everyone around us. This means that while, yes everything around you has an energy that affects you, you also have an energy that affects everything around you," Sims explains. "So, making any small change to your own energy field by routinely cleansing your space of negative vibes, or brightening your own day with beautiful flowers will, in turn, make a positive affect on the energy of your inner circle, your community, and eventually the world! Change your energy, change your life."

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