How to raise a spiritual child: five tips to help your child grow spiritually

Create a better future for your kids by helping them grow spiritually! Here are five tips to help your kids discover the world of spirituality with amazement

How to raise a spiritual child: five tips to help your child grow spiritually

Children are wonderful. They are pure, innocent, and always open to learning something from everything around them.

But, sometimes, children seem to be a bit reluctant to learn teachings from their parents and treasure them.

Maybe it happens because they want to prove themselves 'independent' from their parents. But, in this case, knowing what to teach them becomes crucial for every parent who wants to raise a spiritual child.

Spirituality is undoubtedly one of the best ways to give children a powerful tool to overcome their fears, become self-conscious of their power, and achieve their goals in life.

Top Ways To Develop Your Child's Spiritual Side

Though children are not mature enough to understand spiritual factors, they possess other "soft" powers that will help them in their spiritual journey. For example, they have an inherent curiosity about the world and easily believe imaginary things they can't see physically. In addition, they tend to dwell in the present moment rather than the past or future.

At this point, you might think your little ones may be too young and immature for major spiritual nurturing. However, you can encourage their spiritual side to come out in indirect ways. Currently, you might teach your child to be kind to others and perhaps express your faith when they ask questions about the cosmos.

Even minor and gradual steps count towards nurturing your child's spiritual base and path later in the future. As your child matures, strong bonds with family and community, paired with a feeling of contribution to society and a purpose, can make your child more tolerant of adversity.

So here are five tips for nurturing the spiritual side of your child:

1. Introduce them to the spiritual world from a very young age.

Introducing them to spiritual rituals when they are young, such as going to church or singing the gospel or hymns together, will view it as a natural aspect of life. Thus, you will strengthen your spiritual impact on your child before others do.

Suppose you are not a believer in any organized religion or spiritual dogma. In that case, you can still teach your child to accept and respect other people's religious beliefs. Your child should be able to distinguish right from wrong. Furthermore, your child should be able to express a kind demeanor toward others to help set the base of a fulfilling spiritual life as they grow older.

2. Utilize daily rituals to demonstrate spirituality.

Major spiritual concepts don't always come with significant actions. Instead, you can teach your child that spirituality is an aspect of daily life by incorporating it into everyday activities and language. For instance, when you wake up and open the window in the morning, you can say something like, "Look how beautiful God and Mother Nature has made our world." Or, just before going to bed, look up to the sky and say, "Look how great the sky is with the moon and the stars shining bright. Thank you, God, for creating all these wonderful thingsā€¦."

3. Show them how to love nature.

Nature is a breathtaking place to seek inspiration and a feeling of spiritual involvement. Help your little one see it as a creation by expressing your love and honor for it. Make sure you leave no mess behind when you go for a family picnic, on the beach, or on a trip to the mountains. Teach your child some consideration of all the plants and animals in their natural habitat.

4. Tell stories with a message.

Many spiritual paths across the world are full of descriptive and impactful stories, e.g., stories about the creation of this world or why people do bad and good deeds. You can introduce your child to the concept that various people have various religious beliefs, customs, and tales by referencing this abundance of literature. You can then get them motivational books to enable their spiritual growth.

5. Add some fun.

Religious and spiritual concepts should be pleasant rather than dull or "dark." For example, you can tell your child to paint a picture of God, the Virgin Mary, a Saint, or even an Angel. Encourage them to tell their own story about how the world was created or imagine what paradise looks like. You can also act out plays or perform a small puppet show together inspired by religious tales or other spiritual concepts, e.g., the world's creation.

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