Are You Down, Low and Depressed? Raise Your Vibration With the Help of The Angels

When you feel downhearted and your energies are at their lowest point, there's a solution: ask the Angels to raise your vibration and you'll instantly feel better!

Are You Down, Low and Depressed? Raise Your Vibration With the Help of The Angels

Raise your vibration!! Are you down, low and depressed? Or does anxiety have you in its clutches? Grieving the loss of someone or something close to you? Ask the angels to help!

By calling in their loving energy, you can raise your vibration to feel the love course through you and lift your spirits!

Angels are pure entities of light and LOVE that facilitate the communication between the embodied beings and Source. The term “angel” signifies “the messenger of God.” Angels love all people unconditionally, as they are able to see the divine spark in everyone. The medicine of angels is the medicine of love.


If you want to start using the angels help, here are a few things you should know:

They always answer your call. They are there for you! Unconditionally.
The moment you focus on a particular angel or archangel, it instantly joins you in presence. They have no limits, so can be in all places with many people at once. They do not have the earthly limitation of time and space and their love in INFINITE so cannot be drained or spread to thinly.
They are Divine guides that help you find what you are seeking for, just ask!
You can ask for their assistance with physical problems, emotional turbulence or mental clutter.
If you need their protection, they will be with you during sleep and the awake state. They do not sleep or get tired. They are always there for you whenever you need them.

Only by thinking about them, your vibration raises because you are connection to their energy which is a source of love, filtering the energy for the Divine Creator.

They are the messengers of God and therefore a pure source of flowing love energy.
Light is the highest form of energy, and it is the generator of all the other energies. In the light healing sessions you can use various tools:

  • Angels
  • Archangels
  • Angel music
  • Crystals
  • Essential oils
  • Prayer
  • Profound meditation

Each of the mentioned healing instruments attunes you more to your core. As you focus on the light and welcome in your life the aid of the divine beings whose sole purpose is holding your hand and helping you grow, you cease to vibrate at the same level with energies such as lack, loss, grief, despair, anger, and fear.

Invoking the Angels consists of thinking about them, visualizing them or praying. You can also meditate on the healing light of the angels. You can call the presence of the archangels, which have the highest degree in the angelic dimension.


  • You can summon Michael, whose name means “who is like God,” for defense against harmful mental scenarios or darkness.
  • Call Raphael for healing any aspect of the self.
  • Invoke Gabriel for insight and a broader comprehension.
  • When dealing with great loss, use the healing touch of Uriel.

The angels are always right by your side, you simply need to believe they are there and ask to feel their warm loving grace.
Call on them often and know it to be so! and so it is.

Originally written by Lisa Beachy
Source: lisabeachy