Five Sure Signs Someone You Just Met Is An Angel

Angels rarely appear to us in their full power and glory. However, an Angel in disguise could be near you right now. But how do you recognize an Angel?

Five Sure Signs Someone You Just Met Is An Angel

Can You Recognize an Angel in Human Form?

Angels rarely appear to humans in full power and glory.

An Angel hardly spreads his wings in front of people. They love to disguise themselves as ordinary human beings. But why do they do that? To answer this, we have to take a few steps back.

Who is an Angel?
Angels are celestial entities, descending from an entirely different Creation than ours. Many occultists believe that an angel might be a reincarnated enlightened human.

Why do angels contact us?
They usually deliver a message to us when we need it the most. This message comes from the divine source (Gods or Goddesses).

Do Angels come from Christian Religion?
No. Contrary to the common belief, Angels are typical in many ancient religions. The very depiction of them comes from the Ancient Greek religion. Goddess Iris (whose sacred flower is Iris) is a winged deity – a messenger who delivers important messages to humans from the Gods of Olympus. Do you want to read more interesting winged deities – angels? Hypnos (god of Sleep), Oniros (god of Dreams), and Thanatos (god of Death).

So no. Angels do not come solely from Christian or Hebrew religions. However, we’ve learned much about angels from these religions.

Do Angels appear to humans?

Yes! They disguise themselves and transform into humans or animals to deliver a message.

Why? Imagine a Winged Angel appearing to you and telling you anything. You’d be dazzled and amazed, and you will be forced to obey the message. However, angels do not try to force us to do something. Instead, they advise us, and this is why they disguise themselves. In this way, Angels do not mess with free will.

Furthermore, they don’t even have to appear in flesh and blood. They can influence us in so many ways.

Do I Have a Guardian Angel?

Yes, you do have a Guardian Angel. This Angel is always there protecting and advising you all the time. You can see him in many disguises trying to communicate with you. See here how you can communicate with him.

So, here are five sure signs that someone you met is an Angel:

Sign 1: Change of Heart.

You feel trapped in dark feelings and thoughts of despair. You may be going through a mild phase of depression or even worse. You feel like you are walking on a dead-end road.

Suddenly, a stranger asks you for directions. You turn your head and try to help. But something about how s/he smiles and says thank you makes you feel different. It makes you feel Alive.

Angels don’t have to do anything in particular to help you. Even their presence is enough to influence your feelings and breathe the air of freedom and happiness. This is because Angel Aura shines brightly, charming everyone around them.

Sign 2: Awakening.

It was another night shift, and you returned home. Exhausted from all the paperwork you had to sign earlier, plus the extra work you had to do tonight. This was just another day. You hardly ever think of anything else rather than your obligations.

But something strange happened yesterday, taking the tube to get back home. Something different. A lady was standing opposite you. Suddenly, she looks at you. You feel something you were not supposed to (at least not after 10 hours at work). It’s a strange feeling. The splendor of innocence in her eyes influences you.

So, if this person you met managed to awaken a part of yourself by just smiling at you. Consider this possibility. Angels can make us perceive our divine origin. They remind us of our purpose in life.

Sign 3: Senses Activated.

You head back from the gym, and your body hurts like you have been in a car accident. But that’s normal for you. You play hard, work a lot, and hardly ever sense more than what your daily schedule approves.

While you walk back home, you see a beggar in the streets. You search your pockets, and you give him some change. By that time, your nose starts to catch more scents than usual. You can smell the rain again after many, many years. Moreover, a happy song that uplifts your energy is stuck in your head.

Angels activate all our senses. They know the human body and that to get in touch with this world, we have to rediscover what makes us humans. Hearing, smelling, tasting; all our senses are enhanced. It’s not superpowers-it’s something more.

Sign 4: Feel Young Again

You might be feeling old for a long time. Only focusing on tedious tasks and house chores made you forget everything about it. However, you went to pick up a small bag of rice from the supermarket.

Searching for what you want might take you a little more than usual. Then you asked for help. A tall, handsome man told you he could help you find it. So you look for this particular rice together. Suddenly, this becomes fun.

Angels make us feel like children. Open to all kinds of adventures. We are getting fun, inspiration, and satisfaction from almost anything. That’s exactly how we were when we were younger! Being young is not just a biological status. It’s a state of mind.

Sign 5: Healing

Your body is bothered by a medical condition for several months or even years. You have visited many doctors but still have not set yourself free from this troublesome situation.

One night, you accidentally hear a stranger talking on the phone. Something he says seems an excellent idea for your problem. It somehow inspires you. “Why haven’t I thought of it all this time?” You now know what to do.

Angels are the Great Healers. Their presence promotes physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health. Every problem we face gives us a chance to understand something more remarkable. Once we realize it, we set ourselves free. We heal and get healed.

Now you know how to recognize the presence of an Angel near you. Pay attention to the above-mentioned signs, and get ready to see miracles happen!