5 Ways to Free Your Mind From Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts attract negativity into your life. Here are 5 ways to free your mind from negative thinking and start to attract positivity.

5 Ways to Free Your Mind From Negative Thinking


So you want to create a more positive life….that’s great!

You need to remember that both positive and negative thoughts will always exist, the key is to limit the amount of negative that you allow into your life.

Here are 5 ways to rid your life of negativity.


1. Forgive Forgive Forgive
Forgiveness is a must. Forgive & forget…YES forget! This is the true secret behind forgiveness. Truth is if you don’t forget you haven’t truly forgiven, it doesn’t release the person from how they have wronged or hurt you and it releases You from the bondage of bitterness. Once you forgive you must forget, if you keep reliving it over and over then you have not truly forgiven. When you forgive you do so with Love in your heart…not for them, but for You. You forget the hurt and you release the anger…never to be thought of again. The things that you hold onto that cause you pain & bitterness create negative energy, and forgiveness will release that negative energy and give you peace.

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2. If it doesn’t nourish & enrich your Life…release it & let it go.
Too many times we hold onto things that are just weighing us down, whether it be a death, a break up, a loss of a job…whatever it may be, these things cannot be changed. It is not nourishing to the Soul to hold onto these things or people. It will only continue to bring you down and create negative energy. Release all that does not enrich your Life. Refer to number 1 if something needs forgiven…including yourself.

3. Change your thoughts…change your life.
Sounds harder than it is. We have grown so accustomed to & have become comfortable with our line of thinking. If you are continually thinking negative thoughts (and you may be doing so without even realizing you’re doing it) you are creating negative energy. Thoughts such as – ‘if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all’ or ‘why do these things always happen to me’, you throw these thoughts out there & that is exactly what you will get in return. When you catch yourself with a negative thought or reaction quickly turn your thoughts to something that makes you laugh or smile, something that brings you joy when you think about it. Begin to replace those negatives with positives and watch your world begin to change.

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4. Make it a priority in your life to dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to quiet, peaceful You time.
A quick meditation that anyone can learn is this… Sit in a quiet place, relax and take a deep breath, hold it and release. Now begin to breathe slowly, counting each breath in and out. If a thought enters your mind, acknowledge it and then release it and return to your breath counting as you go. Allow your body to become fully relaxed and continue to count each breath. This a simple yet very effective meditation

5. Stop watching or listening to the news or reading the newspaper.
The news, albeit informational, is chalked full of negativity. If this is the first you thing you watch, listen to or read in the morning, this will set the stage for the rest of your day. You can carry all that negative, sad and disheartening energy around with you all day without even knowing it. The same for doing it in the evening, it can cause lack of sleep. Start listening to music instead.


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