How to Send Angels to Help Those Who Suffer

When someone we care about suffers, worrying doesn't help. Call on the Angels and ask for their help. They know exactly what to do!

How to Send Angels to Help Those Who Suffer

How do You Send Angels to Those Who Suffer?

Worrying about People Doesn’t Help

Stressing About People Is Not Always Beneficial.
When something wrong happens to anyone you love, the natural human reaction is to stress about that person. Worrying, on the other hand, serves no useful purpose, and there are numerous things that you may do to be of help. This blog will discuss multiple techniques that may be used to send angels to other people.

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How to Send Angels to Someone Else

The angels love to be asked, and they adore helping us. Simply asking, in your mind or out loud, ‘Angels, please help —-‘ opens a bridge of light for the angels to enter.

If the person you are concerned about doesn’t believe in angels and so wouldn’t ask them for themselves, you can still ask. Simply say, ‘Angels, please help —– in any way you can, if their soul permits this, and for the highest good of all concerned.’ At a soul level, the person might allow the angels to help, but at a conscious level, they might lack understanding or feel that they don’t deserve help.

The angels don’t hold prejudice against people that don’t believe in them.

Hardship and Free Will

Everyone else has a right to discover things the hard way, including themselves. Watching this as a mother, friend, lover, brother, or anyone among your loved ones is challenging. You start to experience pain since you care about the individual, and you want you could relieve some of the pain they are going through. However, according to the principle of free will, it is not your concern if the other person has made a challenging decision. Refusal to deal with their habit, won't leave their poorly behaved relationship, and put off dealing with their debt, enables people to abuse them, and probably wouldn't look after their health or any other issue of a similar nature.

One of your lessons may be to learn when to take a step back. To provide support without making any attempts to improve the situation.
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Sending Angels Before Letting Go

This might be the most challenging aspect of the process at times. If you have questioned the angels about this, it is in everyone's best interest to have faith that everything takes place according to divine order and let go of your dread of this person and this circumstance. Remember that you are a human being on earth; you lack the angels' ability to view the larger picture. Therefore, let go of your hold and believe.

Angels enjoy providing signals, and you might ask for one to verify that they are assisting you in establishing a connection with them. Spotting white feathers, an unanticipated rainbow, an unusually high-pitched noise in the ear unrelated to medical conditions, angel-shaped clouds, watching the word "angel," or finding it in a song are some indications that may be present. Have faith that you will understand the meaning of every sign that comes your way. Make an effort not to become focused on the symptoms; instead, rely on your confidence that everything is being taken care of.

Focus on your energy levels and take care of yourself. Then, you would be in the best position to assist the person in need because of this, whether you can do it physically or by channeling your energy via your mind. For example, consider increasing your vibrational frequency.

Tips to Enhance Vibrational Frequency

This article writer, Susan Brown, has published a book titled Angel EFT, which contains a variety of exercises that will help you improve your frequency via the use of energy tapping & angel exercises. Now, consider how the angels may direct you to make your life more joyful. Is there something you could do differently today to increase your energy levels? It might be the food and beverages that you consume. If you constantly take on too much simply because you do not like letting others down, you should work on learning to say no; if you want the angels to assist you more, you should get more exercise, find time to relax, and practice saying no.

Having a mindset of thankfulness is one of the quickest ways to let in more light. So try to say something like, "Thank you, angels, for the lessons I am obtaining from this tough circumstance," even if you don't feel very thankful at the moment, and being my powerful, smart being made me feel very grateful.

Take note of the moments when you find yourself judging or being afraid. When you start classifying objects or people, you are doing the labeling. Take a few slow, deep breaths and then say aloud, "Thank you, angels, for assisting me in eliminating judgment and fear right now."

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We Picked This

One school of thought holds that before we take physical form, we choose our families, the people we come into contact with, and the experiences we will have. It's difficult for many light souls to imagine that they would choose to grow up in such a problematic household or environment, yet life on earth is a new experience. However, they are nothing at all like me! Why would I want to place responsibility on myself? What kind of learning opportunities would there be if things were always simple?

You come here to challenge yourself and develop. Every problematic person and circumstance we encounter serves as a mirror, allowing us to learn something new about who we are as individuals. And as the Buddhist story about the mustard seed demonstrates, we have faced defeat and misery at some point in our lives.

Request for yourself as much as you ask for others.

Because you are a compassionate person who was drawn to this blog, you likely spend a lot of time looking out for the welfare of other people. So remember that it is just as important if not more so, to ask for oneself as it is for others. Ahem… yep, you! So even if it becomes a habit to say, "Thank you, angels, for assisting me in maintaining the lesson from this incident and letting go of anxiety today," it is essential to do so after requesting assistance on behalf of another person.

A Prayer for the Health and Healing of Your Loved Ones
Pray this prayer to bring the healing energy of the Angels into the lives of your loved ones who are in need of a healing miracle.

Inquire about how you may help out.

Ask the angels, "How can I best assist in this situation?" if you have any cause to think that your actions may affect how the situation involving the person you are worrying about plays out. Then listen. Find somewhere peaceful to ask this question. Put your phone aside and close the door before continuing. To put it another way, try eliminating as many distractions as possible. This enables you to be present and open to receiving the angels' divine wisdom when they come to you for assistance. The responses you receive may surprise you.

Because angelic communication is always filled with love and positivity, you will be able to tell when you are receiving a message from your guardian angels as opposed to merely thinking it yourself.


What kind of breaths are you taking right now? Is your breath quick and located in the upper part of your chest? If this is the case, your body is trying to warn you that you are stressed out. When you feel at ease, it is much simpler to serve others. You may bring a sense of calm into your body by practicing a breathing method you are familiar with. You are more effective as a channel in this manner.

You will feel more relaxed if you practice abdominal breathing. Put one hand on your tummy, and as you breathe in, move your breath down to your gut so that it may push the palm on your belly forward. Make a sighing sound as you exhale. After that, carry on. You don't need to keep sighing. It would be sufficient with only a couple of those!

Wishing you and whoever you are sending angels to many angel blessings and an abundance of light!