7 Things That Hold You Back From Living Your Highest Potential

Fulfilling your highest purpose is your life’s calling. Learn how to get rid of the 7 things that hold you back from living a fulfilled life

7 Things That Hold You Back From Living Your Highest Potential

Fulfilling your highest purpose is your life’s calling.

It’s what all comes down to, it’s what gives you meaning. It’s what makes you feel unsettled, restless, excited and passionate.

But in order to fulfill your highest purpose you need to follow the path of passions and discover your highest potential.

Your highest potential is not one thing. You are like a flower with many petals. Living your highest potential means opening yourself to all your passions, like a flower opening its petals, and using your wholeness to project your uniqueness.

That’s what we call the path of passions, do not choose one, but practice as many passions as you can find within yourself. That’s how you unleash your highest potential.


But there are 7 things that are holding you back from living your highest potential.

1. You fear the unknown.
Transitioning from a place of comfort and familiarity to something new and exciting could be a scary thing.

Even though the comfort zone is boring and life sucking, we might prefer it over the unknown.

We are all scared of the unknown and this fear spreads among many areas of our life. We prefer our comfort zone because we think it’s safer, we believe we have bigger control there. But reality is, the comfort zone is as big of an illusion as the fear of the unknown.

So we might as well risk going out of our comfort zone for the things we are passionate.

This fear is a big blockage in people preventing them from living their full potential, maybe the biggest. We just stop trying new things.

But it’s our ego that’s scared, our heart screams for us to stretch our comfort zone and try all that we want to try.

You want to learn how to play a piano, dance, paint, you want to write a book, sculpt, sing, travel the world, start a business…

Whatever you are passionate to do, stop listening to your fear and do it.

You don’t have to do it drastically. You can start gradually, step by step.

For example, if you feel your calling is in taking care of the environment, start small by planting trees in your backyard. Check what the environmentalists are doing, including the programs they’re offering.

Just taking small steps in a consistent manner will eventually lead you to where you want to be.

2. You have habits that don’t support your calling.
The things that we keep doing everyday turn into habits that our minds and bodies do automatically. That’s how the mind saves energy.

Starting something new and getting on a different path means you have to change your old habits and implement new ones that can greatly support you on your journey.

Most people are prisoners of habits that no longer serve them.

And because that’s what they have been doing since who knows when, they don’t even realize.

You can’t start practicing something new, something you are passionate about, if there is no place in your lifestyle for that thing.

That’s why you need to change and replace some of your old habits that no longer serve you.

Changing things is not just good for realizing your passions but it creates neural plasticity, it keeps your brain young. Changing your habits forces your brain to create new neural connections and think in different patterns.

Start by taking a different route to work, or rearrange your room. The point is to do something different that will stimulate your brain to stretch its patterns.

As your brain becomes more flexible, it would be easier for you to create new habits that support your calling.

3. You surround yourself with negative friends or family.


Being connected with your family and friends, you have to be on the same level as they are, which means if they gossip, you would need to gossip too.

They may be offended if you go away, but it might be the only way to stay determined in living your higher potential.

This may create some issues because they wouldn’t understand you and why you changed just that.

You don’t need to lose them and remove them from your life just because they are on a different path, you just have to distance yourself a little bit to give yourself enough room to evolve, follow your passions and live your highest potential.

Do not let their comments and opinions stop you from following your personal truth.

Keep taking the changes that can support you in your calling, keep following your passions. If their remorse gets bigger, it’s then that you have to decide whether you continue surrounding yourself with them or remove them for good.

If they love you, they will accept you and support you in your worthwhile undertakings.

But if they want you to be just like them, there’s no reason why you continue to hang out with them.

Besides, when you become the best version of yourself, the right people will notice you and come flocking to you.

4. You’re not fully committed.
Lacking a full commitment is a sign that you’re still living with your old paradigm, you are not all in.

When you follow your highest calling, you should be fully committed. Both of your feet should be on the same ground.

Remind yourself of your why. When you do follow your passions and highest purpose without reserve, The Universe will open the path to you making your journey much clearer.

5. You lack the right vision.
Having a clear vision of what your passions are is crucial. It’s almost like a half way there. You need to have a clear vision of your best self.

If you lack clear vision, you easily give up when faced with challenges along the way because you forget what you are after.

Develop a clear vision of where you want to be and let nothing stop you. See yourself who you want to become. How you talk, how you walk, what kind of hobbies do you have.

Follow your heart and respect your passions. Whatever you want to try, know exactly what that thing is.

If you want to write a book, think about what kind of book that will be. Be specific, start developing the plot, the characters. Before you even realize you will start writing it.

6. You don’t have enough faith.


Faith is trusting yourself that you have within what you need to live your full potential.

You’re like a seed who is destined to become a tree, but when you are just a seed it’s hard to believe how big you’ll become.

But either way, if the seed believes it can grow into a tree, it takes the necessary steps to grow and becomes a tree.

Even though you might be destined for your highest potential, you have the ability of free will and you might prevent yourself from living your truth by covering yourself with addictions, doubts, and other self destructing mechanisms.

7. You are inconsistent.
Living your highest potential is something you do every day. It’s not something you reach, it’s a way of life.

It takes time to develop yourself into your highest unfolding. Get clear about what you want to do, then get a little closer each day.

You may not have it all figured out, but at least you create some action that moves you forward.

You don’t have to get overly serious about it either. Just keep it light and fun, just like you feel when you think about your passion and purpose.

Make it like a play, not just so that you don’t get overwhelmed along the way, but because that’s what it should be.

Source: Originally written and published by Dejan Davchevski, May 10, 2018 on lifecoachcode