Invite Your Guardian Angels Into Your Dreams

Want to have a good night's sleep and sweet dreams? Learn how to invite your Guardian Angels into your dreams with this simple six step process!

Invite Your Guardian Angels Into Your Dreams

Learn how to invite your Guardian Angels into your dreams with this simple six step process.

What Do My Guardian Angels Look Like?

Have you ever thought about what your Guardian Angels look like? I am asked this question over, and over again in my reading Practice.

My clients ask – Dar what does my Guardian Angels look like? Are there any ways I can see them?

I often share with them my two favorite methods, which are the use of a specifically designed guided meditation as well as the dream visitation process that I will share with you in a bit.

Inviting your Guardian Angels into your dreams is actually very easy to do and very effective as well. The reason for its effectiveness is because while you sleep, there is no resistance from your waking conscious mind.

This means that any of your fears, judgments, as well as all of the unproductive mind chatter is shut out. This is also the reason sleep programming works so well.

Benefits of a Dream Visitation from Your Guardian Angels

Receiving guidance in your dreams is a great way to deepen your relationship with your spiritual team and is a fun way to tune into their guidance as well as to receive their support and timely wisdom.

Dream visitations go far beyond just satisfying your curiosity about what your Guardian Angels look like. With a dream visitation you can:

  • Explore new situations
  • Look at new solutions
  • Gain more clarity and insight
  • Get to know how your Guardian Angels ‘speak’ to you
  • Receive intuitive guidance


How do your Guardian Angels Appear in dreams?

Your Guardian Angels may appear and offer assistance in various ways. Some of these ways may be metaphorical, such as dreaming of a golden pot of money that keeps leaking. In the last example about the leaking pot of money, you can glean that there is a financial issue that needs to take care of before the money pot breaks!

Metaphorical dreams often use symbols that have a special personal meaning to you in some way; for example, butterflies, daisies, and the smell of Pumpkin Pie.

Your Guardian Angels may show up in human form or may show up as waves of color, an animal, or even a person that you highly respect.

Regardless of their method of appearance their main goal is to inspire, encourage, and instruct you on living the beautiful abundant life that is your right as a child of infinite love.

How to Invite Your Guardian Angels Into Your Dreams

1. Gather Your Supplies.

If you would like to experience a dream visitation, you will need the following necessary supplies: paper and a writing utensil. Place these items where you can quickly reach for them when you awaken from a dream.

2. Set your intention.

Write your request at the top of your piece of paper. For example, “Tonight I want to have a dream visitation from my Guardian Angels.” Or, you can simply write something such as “*Tonight I would like my Guardian Angels to give me additional wisdom/guidance about *[fill in the blank].”

3. Get into bed.

Don’t do anything else after setting your intention! You want to fall asleep with your intention, fresh in your mind. Avoiding this step and reading a book or watching TV after setting your intention is the number one reason for failure.

4. Prayer.

As you begin to relax send your Guardian Angels this simple request:

“Thank you Guardian Angels for connecting with me in my dreams. Thank you for allowing me to clearly pick up on your messages. And more importantly, to remember your messages to me when I awake.”

A great tip – I found that I get the best results by repeating this informal phrase over and over until I drift peacefully into sleep.

5. Immediately write down your dreams each time you awaken.

As soon as you wake up, record your dreams while they are fresh. Don’t worry if you only get fragments. Write down anything that comes into your awareness. Often the dream fragments will cause other memories to flow forth.

6. Practice and be patient.

Dream visitations from your Guardian Angels may take a bit of practice, but it’s well worth it. Most people I have shared this technique with have had a dream visitation within two to five days. Give yourself permission to make your experience fun and to just allow the process to unfold naturally for you.

Learning how to invite your Guardian Angels into your dreams is a fun and beautiful way to deepen your intimacy with your spiritual team as well as to receive the loving care that they so graciously offer you. Enjoy!

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