One Of These 3 Mandala Cards Has An Important Message For You

Here are three mandala cards for you. Let's pick one. It has an important message for you.

One Of These 3 Mandala Cards Has An Important Message For You

Here are three mandala cards for you. Let's choose one.


Mandala Card 1:

This card shows a male person who carries a chiselling tool. He is holding one coin and above him are the two other coins (or pentacles). He proudly displays his work for all to see. It seems as though some special message, lettering, notice or plaque is being created for the world to see. On an individual level this could mean receiving some documentation regarding an award, or important credentials that you have received or will soon earn. You may also receive some kind of financial assistance, benefit or win that you were not expecting. If you are seeking employment, it may soon be yours, though will not consume all of your time as it may be only a few hours a day.

Mandala Card 2:

Generally speaking this card depicts some kind of travel. Should the other travel card, the six of swords also be in your card layout, then this is an indicator that you are to move across new ground. However, even by itself, as this is a major arcana card, travel is still a strong possibility. You may travel quite a distance and your goal is to get there, by whatever means you can find, even horseback if necessary. This can also mean that someone is coming from a long distance towards you.

Mandala Card 3:

This is the card that tells you that you are being guided in the right direction and the promise of a better day. The picture displays a naked woman kneeling down beside a river with two jugs in her hand. She is pouring the water from the jugs into the stream. In the background is a large star, almost directly above her head and seven other stars around it. There are birds, flowers, trees, shrubbery and green grass around her. She appears tranquil and at peace in her natural surroundings.

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