Pick A Moon, It Will Reveal Your Hidden Thoughts

The moon’s significance in astrology and spirituality is known. Would you like to know what your subconscious is screaming at you? Take this simple test!

Pick A Moon, It Will Reveal Your Hidden Thoughts

The moon is mystical, mysterious, and compelling.

It has proven to be a silent and unassuming force upon us, but can your visual moon preference reveal your true personality? Can it show you what your subconscious is screaming at you to change for the better? Take this simple visual test to see what the moon says about you.

Most of you have probably heard of the moon's significance in astrology and spirituality. However, it also has been studied from a scientific point of view. Sir Isaac Newton, for example, was the first to explain the relationship between the moon's position, gravitational pull, and the ocean's tide. Did you know your body is composed of 55 to 75 percent water?

As such, the moon has been shown to impact the human body significantly. The moon has been scientifically linked to almost every bodily function, from sleep to menstrual cycles. Its significance in spirituality and astrology is well-known too. Therefore, our preferences for the moon can reveal a lot about our personalities. It would be nice if you tried this test with your loved ones!

So pick the moon in the picture below you like the most and read your result below.

Look at these moons, and pick the one you like the most.

1. The Achiever

Your life history is goal and achievement-oriented. Efficiency is a companion that follows you. A healthy amount of self-confidence is fueled by your energetic, outgoing, and optimistic outlook on your plate. You favor safety and stability over letting the good times roll you away, and you're willing to work extremely hard to create an environment where you can thrive.

You may ignore that you are often your harshest critic and personal execution squad. Be more kind to yourself when you make a mistake. Perfection is an unobtainable goal because it simply doesn't exist. So, set your goal to be the best you possible, not an imaginary infallible version of yourself that you'll never achieve. Learn from your mistakes, and allow mistakes to be yet another fuel you use for achievement.

2. The Creative

Your environment is highly aesthetic, tangible, and emotionally based. The astute, tender, and emotional side of you makes you very conscious. However, your sensuality leads you toward excess and materialistic endeavors over practicality. Life is likely a high and low rollercoaster of self-indulgence and altruism toward others.

You may be ignoring that the excesses in life may be holding you back from your full potential. Do you spend long hours at play, overeat, or overly indulge in pleasures? Excesses can quickly drain your energy, productivity, and creative juices. It dulls your natural brightness and stifles your time management of life. Try moderation and bringing down the intensity so that you have the energy reserves for the things that will further you in the long run of life, not just give you instant gratification.

3. The Energetic

You have a zest for life and a solid character to help juice whatever lemon or lime you're given. Your even temperament makes you a steady and reliable worker, mate, and friend. Your energy translates into maintaining an environment of well-being for yourself and your loved ones; you want to ensure everyone has everything they need. There's a strong sense of loyalty when choosing who you surround yourself with, and your relationships are never something you take lightly or for granted.

You may be ignoring that your strong sense of loyalty could make you standoffish and distrustful of the unknown. But, without risk, can there be a reward? Your greatest internal fear is betrayal, which often includes a betrayal by your senses. Being distrustful can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, and you usually don't even consciously realize how this constant state of being on guard impacts your life, health, and happiness. Add calmness to your life by giving some leeway for innocent until proven guilty. Add fullness to your life by entrusting your senses as a capable and trustworthy judge and jury. But, some risks are worth taking.

4. The Compassionate

Your sensitivity to the world's plight makes you an incredibly kind, generous, and loving member of society. You have a gravitational pull to meet the needs of others you see aren't being met otherwise. You might have only enough to get through the week, but if you see someone hungry, you'll sacrifice your meal so they won't go without it. Your selflessness in life is the most noteworthy characteristic people use to describe you.

You may be ignoring that you have your own desires, needs, feelings, talents, and life in general to live. You can become so hyper-focused on others that you lose who you are, fail to nourish your own life to thrive, and even become dependent on living vicariously through those you help. Take time to remember your unique importance, explore and utilize your talents, and build your environment of well-being.

5. The Wonderer

This peculiar world amazes your curious mind. You likely find your mind is always wondering and wandering, which has led you to become entirely versed on various topics. In a constant state of observing and research, you've likely become quite cultured and mannered. Yet, you may often wonder why you seem so emotionally unintelligent to others. While you can be friendly and converse in almost any circle, and your mind may be a wanderer, you probably physically prefer to be alone or with your closest loved ones. This is likely because you get a sense that those who don't know you very well either don't understand you or become intimidated by you.

You may be ignoring the stress and sleeplessness caused by your overbearing mind. You rely almost solely on your mind to do life's work and play. It's tired, and it needs help. Your mind, heart, body, and soul should all coexist. Your mind may be able to overcome obstacles alone, but such can be solved much quicker and easier when you allow your heart and soul intuition to give your mind a helping hand. Plus, your intuition can often counteract the worldly notions that bog down your mind and lead you astray from reaching true happiness and satisfaction. Try using your heart and soul as your compass and your mind as a guide to be less stressed, more rested, and more satisfied.

6. The Tranquil

Simple pleasures in life give you the greatest joy, which makes you a pleasurable and easy person to be around. You're not needy or demanding. You're perfectly content in a quiet and uneventful environment, such as sitting on the sofa with a friend watching television or on a date just for a walk in the park. Tranquility, peace, and harmony are what you surround yourself with because you hate the hectic chaos of the world, but you spend a lot of time thinking about the 'what ifs' as they apply to the things you aspire to be, do, and see out in the world.

You may ignore how the 'what ifs' are detrimental to your health, well-being, and productivity. You have a lot of untapped skills you need to utilize. This likely frustrates you; makes you anxious; and makes you turn to spend hours upon hours pondering the 'what ifs' of yesterday and tomorrow for solutions, right? Engaging in activities that drain your energy, decrease your effectiveness, and lower your motivation to be productive is a waste of time. Try staying in the current present moment.

What, as the owner and captain of your life, can you do right here and now to make yourself valuable, happy, fulfilled, or enlightened?