Some Native American symbolism uses birth animals instead of the western astrology to encompass character traits and descriptions of the personality.

Many different cultures have different versions of astrology, using the yearly calendar to describe human characteristics, from Vedic astrology, to the Chinese zodiac, to Western astrology.

Native American culture encompasses any number of symbols from about every animal that one could dream of.

In this article, we’ve narrowed the focus to the ‘birth animals’ – the Native American zodiac.

Each of these is different, and can be used to understand yourself on a deeper level.


Having The Otter As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re balanced, fair, and open-minded. You let others live their lives and you don’t try to boss them around. You don’t think you’re better than other people, and you’re never stuck-up! You’re humble, but you try to always believe in yourself!

Element: AIR

Having The Wolf As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re a graceful and beautiful person…just like your birth month bird! Your default personality revolves around an authentic person. You don’t gossip or say one thing to someone’s face and something different behind their back. You are a straight shooter with a natural inclination to be open and upfront.

Element: WATER
Stone: JADE

Having The Falcon As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re comfortable in your own skin, and you don’t need to pretend to be someone or something you’re not. If people don’t like you for who you are, you’re unwilling to change to suit them since you’re fine with being you!

Element: FIRE

Having The Beaver As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You ignore fads and trends and stay true to your own unique heart. You’re honest to a fault and find it hard to lie…people notice this and respect you for it. You treat everyone equally and you don’t change your personality depending on who are you with!

Element: EARTH

Having The Woodpecker As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re honest, upright, and straight-forward. You know no other way of being but to be yourself. You don’t
lie to others just to make yourself sound good, and you don’t act like a big shot to try to impress anyone. You’re honest to a fault and you’re not a very good liar 😉

Element: WATER
Color: ROSE

Having The Deer As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

Though you go through periods of self-doubt you have a strong heart and a brilliant mind. You don’t need to put down others to feel good about yourself, and you don’t try to be anything but yourself. If other people can’t deal with you…then that’s their problem because you always try to live your truth!

Element: AIR
Stone: AGATE

Having The Salmon As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

Your default personality habit is to be always try to be kind. You are sensitive to how other people feel and pick up on their moods–this is wonderful because it makes you a very understanding person. Friends and family can feel this and they like being around you as it causes them to feel good about themselves.

Element: FIRE
Color: RED

Having The Bear As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

By your nature you’re a kind person: generous with your time, feelings, and emotions. There are definitely times when you don’t feel like this at all. If you ever feel shy or not good enough always know you can rely on yourself!

Element: EARTH
Color: BROWN
Stone: TOPAZ

Having The Raven As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re extremely generous in all senses of the word! You always share what you have, be it your time, emotions, or energy. You’re open to new experiences, and try to live the best life possible. You try to never give negative feedback BUT you are very honest: be careful your honesty doesn’t overwhelm others.

Element: EARTH
Color: BROWN
Stone: TOPAZ

Having The Snake As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re rarely the one to start arguments or disagreements: you’d much prefer people find a productive way to work out issues. You don’t like to argue, but you are willing to stand up for yourself and you don’t change your mind when you know you’re right unless it’s for a good reason.

Element: WATER

Having The Owl As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re an open person who has faith in themselves and you’re comfortable with who you are. When times get tough it’s best to trust your heart and not the opinions of others: When you next encounter hardship dig deep to rely on your open and giving nature to get you through it!

Element: FIRE
Color: GOLD

Having The Goose As Your Birth Animal Reveals:

You’re a true individual who doesn’t act, say, or think, a certain way just because that’s what is expected. You follow your own heart and soul, and live your life for you and you alone. Some people find you too direct, but don’t change this about yourself!!!

Element: WATER
Color: WHITE

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