New Moon & Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019

New Moon is a time to make our dreams come true. How about we create some Abundance in our lives on this Magical Moon?

New Moon & Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019

The New Moon on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, is in Cancer and it is a total solar eclipse!

This new Moon and solar eclipse is bringing in refreshingly optimistic. Positive influences will be pouring in during this cycle.  This an excellent eclipse for enjoying good times with friends and especially your family.

This new Moon is about bringing good health, honor, and riches. It brings people together and is a good omen for ending conflict through peace negotiations.

This is a time to make your dreams come true through patience, open-mindedness, and hard work.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

Check out Cherokee Billie's video on the Summer Solar Eclipses.

A solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. Solar Eclipse July 2019 is a total solar eclipse so none of the Sun will be visible. The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. A new moon influence lasts for four weeks but a solar eclipse lasts about six months.

Each New Moon is an opportunity to reset everything going on and then set your intentions for the lunar cycle.  While not a complicated night, it is an important night nonetheless.
New Moon and Solar Eclipse 

Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

Many of you that tell me that you don’t have time to practice anything special on the New Moon.  It’s all a matter of desire and taking a few precious moments to create a new life.

Stop for a few moments on July 2 and do some of the following…

  • Take some time to Deep breathe
  • Reflect upon where you have been
  • Where do you wish to go
  • Set your intentions

Now don’t tell me that you don’t have time to do at least one of these!

It is a time to enjoy the things that we have learned and rejoice for the equalities of mankind and woman kind. It is time to look at how far we’ve come and keep what works and throw out what doesn’t. We have become more and more discerning in what we want and how we want to live. We are making great strides toward a greener, organic, peaceful, spiritual way to live our lives on many levels. Things are screwed up but we are also making progress. We must dwell on the progress and make it grow. If we dwell on the hell we make that grow. Stay on track and know that we are evolving now.

Now is the time to get going on creating our world the way we want it to be and creating ourselves the way we want ourselves to be.

Get healthy by creating it. Don’t just watch calories, eat healthier!! More fruits and veggies. It is summertime so go to the farmers markets and get the fresh stuff with all the nutrition still in it!! Take care of yourself. Hang out with the people you love and tell them how much you appreciate who they are!! Have some fun in the sun with friends and family. Enjoy each other while we are here. Love each other and treasure each other each and every day. Appreciate all you have learned from those around you. Appreciate all those things that you are getting from those around you who love you enough to give.

How about we create some Abundance in our lives on this Magical Moon?

Do an Abundance Check Ritual this New Moon.

Writing an Abundance Check is an exercise you can use to create more abundance in your life and the check is to be written within 24 hours after each New Moon. It is not necessary to put a date on the check and you DO NOT write a specific dollar amount on the check. Then put the check away in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take over from there.

Abundance Check Ritual

What Does Spirit Have to Say to You on this New Moon?

You have never had a truly psychic reading until you have had one of my New Moon Readings.  This is not one for you to ask questions, but is one where spirit gives you answers.  A True psychic reading does not use Tarot or Oracle cards.  The answers come straight from your Angels, Guides, Ancestors, and all that is Divine.  Learn More

New Moon blessings to you all!

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