We know you are not meant to judge a book by its cover but how many times do you meet a person and make certain assumptions about them. Just from looking at someone’s face we make certain judgments about them because we have been unconsciously trained to draw certain conclusions by looking at faces and observing them.

Your physical aspects play an important role in how your personality develops and therefore some of your features can reveal things about your personality.

So here you can discover what the shape of your nose says about you!


Scroll down to find your nose and discover what it reveals about your personality!

1. The Concave Nose
The concave nose is defined by a small arch on the nose bone and a sharp tip pointing slightly outward.

People who have this type of nose wear their emotions on their sleeves and feel everything very deeply. They are sensitive and hurt easily although they try not to reveal it. They are altruistic in nature and will always give help to those who ask but never ask for help themselves.

2. The Straight Nose
The straight nose is defined by a straight flat nose with wide nostrils and a round tip.

People with this type of nose are able to read and control emotions very well. They are often empaths and known to be extremely calm and patient. They will only lose their temper if they are provoked and they feel that their safety, or that of their loved ones, is threatened.

3. The Button Nose
The button nose is one of the most common types and is short and dainty.

Strong-willed, determined and spontaneous, people with this nose are extraordinary in nature. They enjoy a variety of interests and like to keep active. They are very intuitive and make most decisions based on their gut. They are generally incredibly efficient and like to make the most of every minute.

4. The Hook Nose
The hook nose is defined by a downwards bend from the base of the nose to the tip. It is often associated with a bird’s beak.

People with this nose are thoughtful and deep but can be very opinionated. They will always defend their views and are passionate debaters. They are often great sources of wisdom and know how to be creative and diplomatic. But, the characteristic that sets them apart the most is their self-sacrificing nature.

5. The Crooked Nose
The crooked nose can take many different shapes but is defined by a bridge that stands out and a rounded tip.

Despite the name, people with this nose are known to be very straightforward and simple. They are observant and not judgemental, preferring to listen and understand, thinking carefully before they form any opinions. They are great friends and perfect partners!

6. The Nubian Nose
The nubian nose is defined by a downward point at the end of the nose. It draws your eye towards the lips.

People with this nose are optimistic and always interested in learning new things. They are curious and love new experiences, especially ones that allow them to be expressive. They tend to be humble and quiet, often communicating through thoughts.

7. The Greek Nose
The greek nose comes from the ancient Greek sculptures. It is normally narrow, straight and pointed.

Loyalty is a major characteristic of people with this nose. They are prudent and practical which often results in them being cautious when it comes to trust and only pen up to those that have earned their trust. They are very dependable and would rather die than let you down or break your trust.

8. The Arched Nose
The arched nose is similar to the hooked nose but has a noticeably pointed tip. It is curved from the nasal bone down.

People with this nose are organized, efficient and driven which makes them very good managers and leaders. They are very committed to their professions and make dedicated partners. They hate disloyalty and have a very nasty side if they feel they have been betrayed.

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