The human hand contains a lot of information because a baby’s hands are formed early in gestation, and this amounts to sort of fossilized records that gives insight into their personality.

However, the lines of the palm aren’t the only things that provide some information about an individual: their shape also does.

So what does the shape of your hand say about you?

Have a look at your palm shape and pick one from the picture below:

Look at your palm and pick one from the picture

1. The fire hand shape

People with fire hands have short fingers and large palms. The shorter the fingers, the more stubborn the individual. People with this kind of hand are natural leaders and go-getters. They are decisive and do what’s best for any team they govern. Fire hands are all for socializing and playing sports.

2. The earth hand shape

Those with square palms and very short fingers are said to have Earth hands. Individuals under this category are usually responsible. Security and stability are of the utmost importance to her. Emotionally, they are quiet and peaceful in nature and enjoy looking after woodwork and landscaping.

3. The air hand shape

Air hands have a rectangular-shaped palm, and their fingers are almost equal to their palm length. People with such hands are usually intelligent and possess excellent communication skills. However, they tend to overthink and are sometimes detached from their surroundings.

4. The water hand shape

A narrow and oblong palm shape and very long fingers characterize an aquatic hand. They are emotional, romantic and sensitive people. They are usually successful in jobs that involve them caring for others.

They make great spiritual leaders.

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