Pick a Card for Your Important Message for Today

Pick one of these cards for your important message for today.

Pick a Card for Your Important Message for Today

So let’s take a moment to just settle into ourselves.  Take a glorious deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and let your face, shoulders, scalp gently relax.  As your breathing starts to slow trust yourself and allow your inner deep wise one to float up to the surface and help you pick the card.

Princess Victorious

You are being asked to be a big picture person for the moment.  Sometimes immediate gratification has to give way for a grander scheme unfolding, which will ultimately lead you to far greater and more meaningful success.  What seems to be a delay, obstacle, loss or even failure now is a twist in the plot of your life, necessary for your gracious destiny to unfold according to a higher plan.
It can be hard to keep faith when you’ve been defeated just one too many times.  It is easy to make fear and doubt mean something they don’t; it’s usually something like being doomed to fail and so we might as well give up.  However, fear and doubt are just symptoms of fatigue. They are signs that we are feeling battle weary when it comes to life. To overcome weariness and create happiness, you are being asked to temporarily surrender your need to win – just for now.  Instead, you are guided to step back, regroup, replenish, be kind to yourself and know this: sometimes you have to be willing to lose the battle to win the war. That means being willing to go through things in the short term that might seem like failure without losing confidence, courage and trust that everything is going to go your way in the long term.
Know that you are strong and determined enough to bounce back and overcome difficult circumstances.  You will be given the power to succeed at the right time and in the best way for all concerned. So give in to how your journey is unfolding – even if it seems like you are losing when you’d rather be winning – but don’t give up hope.  Trust that the universe is strategic. It is helping you to succeed. If you need a sign to know that things are going to work out for the best, even if it seems like they are falling apart along the way, then this is it!

Joker is Wild

The Universe has a sense of humour, but never at your expense.  It is laughing with you, not t you. You’ll see this for yourself as the Joker weaves her magic in your life, bringing you the grace that is beyond all reason, the necessary ingredient to ensure you win with the hand you have been dealt by life.  There’s nothing impossible when the Joker appears. Her wild ways can transform a losing streak into a lifelong love affair with lady Luck.Strap yourself in and prepare for the ride of a lifetime.  The Joker has come to you and the Joker is wild. Unpredictable and brilliant, she brings you a message.  You are being empowered to overcome all odds. So you are going to win. No doubts, no dramas, but not necessarily in a way that you expect either!  She is sending the best possible situation to you even now. It might startle you, like a sudden light in the middle of the night, but it will be welcome nonetheless.
You probably won’t see it coming.  It will probably be in a way that subverts everything you once believed to be true.  But it will be a welcome trick by the Universe, a loving joke that opens your heart and helps you realize that this vast impersonal universe personally knows and cares for you, so intimately and with such meticulous care.  Just don’t expect to feel in control of the process, for the Joker is wild and moves according to her own genius, but always blesses you with what will work best, beyond compare, now and always.

Divine Disguise

Some blessings are obvious – the door that opens, the person who says yes and the instant success of an idea.  But not all blessings are instantly recognizable. Some blessings are so veiled that at first, you might consider them to be an unwanted development.  A concealed blessing is either already at work in your life or on its way. Don’t worry if you feel like things aren’t working out as they should. Soon enough, the disguise will be dropped, and the blessed unmasked in all its beauty.
Blessings are the mysterious workings of the universe,
there to help us along our unique life path to living our truths and fulfill our potential.  The universe has the knack of knowing just what it is we need, even when sometimes we might think we need something altogether different. This is how it can be that something we resist and reject in our lives can become the very thing we’re most grateful for later on.  The real beauty of a situation isn’t obvious to you yet. It could be a delay or change in plans that turn out to be in your favor, even if at the time you aren’t sure it signals failure! It could be the wrong person saying no so the right person can say yes. It could be being blocked from turning back to your past, so you must continue forward into the magic of your future.
But trust and have peace of mind and a realization that the universe does really know what it’s doing.  It’s in your corner, on your side, cheering you on and helping you avoid unnecessary pitfalls, even if you don’t know they exist.

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