Pick A Feather For A Message From Your Angels

Look at the photo. Which feather are you drawn to? Allow your intuition to guide you to the message waiting to be revealed to you today to assist you on your path.

Pick A Feather For A Message From Your Angels

Look at the photo. Which feather are you drawn to? Allow your intuition to guide you to the message waiting to be revealed to you today to assist you on your path.


Have you made your choice? Let's see what message your Angel is sending to you

Feather # 1


Life might seem like a whirlwind right now, but there is Divine order to your situation. What appears as chaos is often angelic forces of the Universe at work. After the storm clears you will be guided to a new direction. This will be a time of renewed health, joy and abundance.

Feather # 2


You are awakening to your true self. Trust that any confusion or changes that you are experiencing are part of a healthy transition. Allow these changes to occur and ask for support from your Angels.

Feather # 3


You have been busy taking care of everyone else’s needs and now it is time to take care of yourself. It is time for a rest. You will be more efficient and productive after giving yourself a much needed break.

Feather # 4


Be conscious of the thoughts you are having. The time between your thought and its appearance in the physical world will be quick! It is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to manifest in your life.

Feather # 5


You are being asked to adjust and harmonize with the natural rhythm and cycles of your life. Be optimistic and move with the changing tides for the best possible outcome.

Feather # 6


Expect a miracle! You have prayed for assistance and your prayers will be answered. The quicker you release your situation to God, the more rapidly you will begin to heal.

Feather # 7


Your main challenge is to understand that when it comes to helping, you can give the shoes, but you can’t walk the path of others. Life is a school and we are all here to learn from the lessons that it presents to us every day.

Call the Angels, pray to them. Your wishes and dreams are immediately fulfilled as soon as you realize the power of teaming with your Angels. Nothing is impossible for them to handle.

And if you are still struggling with problems in your life and have lost faith, we share with you two prayers from our book of angelic prayers.

An Angelic Prayer for Help with Problems in Life

May you feel the comforting presence of your Angels as you read these encouraging words!


Dear Angel,

I am worried about this problem. Please, calm my troubled mind, allow me not to worry and rely on your help. Remind me that you are always by my side, assisting me until the problem is resolved. Please, give me guidance so that I may embrace this problem as a meaningful lesson, rather than an annoying and senseless inconvenience. Help me recognize it as a divine opening and unexpected pathway into receiving all I deserve and wish for. To your guidance and love, I surrender my problem. I surrender it knowing that it will be completely solved in the most loving and merciful way for myself and all concerned. I surrender my worries about this problem to you knowing that peace will be restored within my mind and heart. Amen.



An Angelic prayer for When Everything Seems Like Is Falling Apart

This is an angelic prayer for those days when it just seems like everything is falling apart.


Dear Angel,

it seems like everything is falling apart in my life. I'm going through trial after trial, I'm waiting for the next heartbreaking news to come and I don't know how to survive it. I'm longing for hope and peace in the middle of this challenging time. Please, spare me more trouble and pain. Embrace me, hide me under your wings and keep me safe till the storm passes by. Help me unveil the life lesson concealed within these tribulations. Despite the circumstances, let me experience peace, protection, and comfort. Remind me that when everything seems like is falling apart, actually it's only falling into place. Remind me that God's plans are always perfect and they are for my own good, even when I can not see the bigger picture.



Remember this: every prayer is being listened to, at any time, by your Angels. Every prayer is answered and Grace is always granted. You are unconditionally loved by Angels.

Imagine that your desire has come true. Do not focus on ‘how’ it has happened, but only on the fact that it ‘has happened’. Imagine what you would like to achieve in your life, then start to feel as if you had already achieved it. In a prayer, what always matters is the feeling of being and of having what you wish for.

Imagine, for example, that you wish help from your Angels in manifesting a new job. You’ll have to be in fine tune with the essence of what you want and ‘see’ yourself in your new job. You need to dive deep into the vibes and feelings of having what you want to create. When you set an intention with a mindset of openness to receive, you affirm that what you are seeking is already being provided, is already created and made available for your use.

As you learn to clear out blocks, patterns, and karmic connections that no longer serve you, you are better able to receive your heart’s desires You start to see that all is in Divine Order and you can relax more into acceptance of what flows in your life.

Be Grateful

To thank the Angels is really important, but not for them, because giving is their true nature. They give for the pure joy of giving. To thank them is important for you because gratitude always brings more blessings. The feeling of gratitude is like a signal that you send to the Universe showing that you are open to receive. It’s like a powerful magnet that attracts complementary energies into your life.

This is why you have to send your gratitude to the Angels even though they have no need for thanks.

From our book 365 Prayers to the Angels


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