African symbols, known as “adinkra”, are most present in the beautiful West African country of Ghana. These symbols can be found everywhere: On canvas, on walls, on ceramic vessels, and the like. Symbols have a decorative function, but also contain evocative messages that transmit traditional wisdom and life lessons. Their name “adinkra” in translation means separation, departure, farewell.

Take a close look at the picture and, without much thought, select the symbol that attracts you most. The African symbol you choose will reveal what your life goal is. Continue reading to find out …


1. “Harmony and balance”
You love to overdo it, whether it’s something good or bad. Sometimes you know how to be too self-conscious. Even the smallest experiences can cause you a lot of emotions, but that does not have to be so. Do not suppress emotions, but learn how to calm down. Logically look at things. Emotions are good, but there must be a balance. If you choose the equilibrium symbol, this means that in the near future you will achieve something positive for which you have been working for a long time, but first you have to establish a balance.

2. “Spider web”
Be prepared, because serious changes are expected. Your life will start from the beginning, in a sense of the word. Focus on energy and power so you can focus on yourself. You will have the opportunity to make drastic changes. You must leave bad habits and stereotypes. You tend to be your biggest enemy and it’s time to put an end to it. Be your best friend. The only person standing in the way is you yourself. The spider network should remind you that you are capable of creating the life you desire.

3. “Protection”
He expects you great love, whether true friendship or romantic love, your heart is ready to sing. Many times before, you have been broken, lonely and abandoned, but soon it will come to an end. Luck will find you. In the meantime, give them a smile, love, and attention to the people around you. What you give, double will come back to you. It’s very important to know that something good in life is waiting for you. The protective symbol should remind you that you will solve all your problems and troubles.

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