Close your eyes and still your mind. Pick the card you are most drawn to for your personal message and guidance from the Crystal Angel Oracle.


One: Tanzanite

If you picked card number one, you picked the beautiful stone Tanzanite. This stone not only helps with emotional healing, it also helps you connect to your Angels as well as the spirit world. You were drawn to this card because it is now time for to allow love back into your life. You were hurt deeply in the past, and may have had a really hard time moving past the pain and allowing to have love brighten your heart again.

Love comes in many forms, if you have put dating on hold, it’s time now for you to dip your toes in the dating pond again. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to get to know someone and just go out and have fun without any expectations.

Don’t rush into anything, just take your time and smell the roses and enjoy the experience.

You may be recovering from the grief of losing a pet, this may be a good time to open your heart up and let a new furry friend in to bring love and companionship into your life. If you have been hurt by friendship, it’s time to heal and forgive and move on to allowing new friends into your life. Take this time to go to more events where you’ll find like minded people.

We can be hurt by all types of love, and it’s okay to take time to heal what caused us pain, but now the time has come to let love back in again.

Two: Clear Quartz

If you picked card number two you picked one of the most well known and highest vibrational stones. This powerful stone comes in various colours which have their own unique properties.

You picked this card because it is now time to feel all of your emotions.

You have not been allowing yourself to feel the emotions that don’t make you feel so good like anger or sadness.

Sometimes the experiences we have in life cause us to have feelings and emotions that we don’t like to feel. So we repress these feelings deep down in the rabbit hole of our soul and hope that we never have to deal with them. With each similar event we stuff those emotions down even further and not realizing just how much it effects our daily life. This can manifest into things like stress, anger issues, anxiety or even depression. Know that these feeling are okay to feel, when you allow yourself to feel angry about something that someone did or guilt about something you didn’t, you are allowing yourself to process those emotions and heal and move on. This doesn’t make you a bad person. We are all made of light and dark, like the ying yang symbol , we need both , but we also have to maintain a balance. Some ways you can help yourself express these repressed feelings is by listening to music, meditating, writing (it doesn’t have to be about the feelings) going to a workshop or finding another creative outlet to release that energy.

We all have a variety of feelings we don’t always want to deal with or acknowledge. If we we make the conscious effort to release this energy on a regular basis, we avoid the side effect like stress, anxiety and depression from manifesting and live a more happy and authentic life.

Three: Malachite

If you picked card number three you picked the stone that is most well known for bringing prosperity into your life. It is known as a growth crystal that helps you get out of that slump you’ve been experiencing. You picked this card because you have finally released fears and angers towards abundance, which has now removed any blocks that you were facing.

Sometimes we get stuck in this cycle of fear of success or feeling angry about past failures on the road to success.

The time has finally come in your life that these obstacles to your prosperity and abundance have been removed.

You have entered an energetic shift of acceptance of allowing all good things into your life, this will not only help and improve the material aspects of your life, but also the emotional ones. As long as you keep on this energetic path, all those things you felt were impossible or that you wouldn’t achieve, they are all now very possible. The universe is giving you a huge green light and saying GO GO GO! Now this doesn’t mean you should run to the casino and place everything on black 11, it means that the possibility of you starting your own business, or getting that promotion you’ve been waiting for is within arms reach. And you just may come into some unexpected money. The doors of possibilities are infinite.

You did the work, you worked past the hard stuff, over came what was holding you back. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of you labour so to speak.

It’s time to allow property and abundance into your life, because you deserve it.

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